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“To But It Bluntly..Silent House Does Have Potential On Several Occasions That I Could Remember. With Little To No Scares Really Terrible Camerawork. The One Positive Is Silent House Has A Terrific Ending To Bad It Goes Wasted And Never Elaborates Skip It”

March 17th, 2012

Silent House .. is being compared to most recent horror camera flick movies including this years trash "The Devil Inside". Silent House is literally almost just as bad aside from the fact it has a great ending that needed to show up sooner and probably would have saved the movie. But the style of technique with the filming of this movie was just too bad. I respect the directors and what there trying to do, but ultimately it does fail. I for the most part was asking myself when the movie was going to actually start as it had been 30mins and nothing was happening. The whole movie is our main star Elizabeth Olsen running around the house in the dark.. from god knows what. Not delivering any good scares what so ever. They maybe have been one that made me jump, but that might been because i was so bored and i was starting to dose off. Now i did find some Solace in the films ending, which is the only thing i can praise about this movie. Sometimes a good ending could potentially make you like the movie, and in Silent House's case if it would have showed up sooner instead of 10mins before the credits well then maybe things would be different it never really touched on the subject and don't get me wrong its a good twist and i was actually intrigued when it was being introduced to us, but by that time the movie was already over and even a surprise cameo from Johnny Depp could not save this movie. So for the most part Silent House is another wasted attempt at a good horror movie.

Story: (1.5/5) - i honestly can't remember half the names in this trash movie. What i did catch is a daughter her uncle and father are working on there house? that was damaged by a flood. Well once the Uncle leaves and its just the Father and daughter things begin to happen, eerie things begin to unfold. The father ends up with a hole in his eye, and the daughter is left with answers she can't explain..something is in her house and is trying to attack her.

Story: 1.5/5 - Like i said the story is so simple and to the point and it does have its potential to take the story and run away with it, but instead it decides to take this turn with it and taking its "real-time" gimmick to ensure audiences that it will be a fun time at the movies. But instead the "real time" actually does nothing and adds no effect to the movie what-so-ever. Acting: 1.5/5 - i do give props to Olsen here in the main role she does have a unique scream but honestly after the 100th time i was starting to get a migrine. She does have a career ahead of her. But this movie is really just a speed-bumb. She did grow up in the shadows of her very iconic sisters Mary Kate and Ashley. So i hope her next project really shows off her acting abilities and does not restrict her and tie her down like this movie did. Directing: 1/5 - So the directors.. directed the cult hit Open Water ..which in general was a pretty scary movie and did gets it point across "never go into the water again". Silent House was just a girl running around a house in the dark screaming..whats so special about that? that should have been the films tagline. Visuals 1/5 - the visuals were just as bad as anything else. The fact this movie got an R rating is beside me. But there is very little good things i can say about this film.

Overall: 1/5 To but it bluntly..Silent House does have potential on several occasions that i could remember. Moments of true redeeming quality. Filled with little to no scares really terrible camerawork. The one positive is Silent House has a terrific ending that you won't see coming to bad it goes wasted as it shows up to late and by that time ..the movie is already over. So there you go that is honestly Silent House in a nut-shell. I don't want to give away the ending, because if you wanna see it, your gonna see it, and when your waiting for it to end, you could actually be surprised and pleased. But that is the facts. Silent House- its true its not your average horror film, and its not like "the found footage" stuff. But it does build on Devil Inside..but not by much. Any movie that is related to Devil Inside should be discontinued. So if your looking for a great horror flick on a Friday or Saturday night well your not in luck (well at least until The Cabin in The Woods comes out in April) now there is a horror flick that should and will be a great movie to watch. unlike Silent House which just takes your money and ultimately gives you nothing in return.


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