Silver Linings Playbook Review

“A Truly Terrific And Humorous Movie All Across The Board. Bradley Cooper And Jennifer Lawrence Shine In There Best Performances To Date. Its A Movie We All Can Feel Good About And Walk Away With A Great Message. David O Russel Is Truly A Genius”

January 18th, 2013

"Nominated for 7 Oscars including Best Picture" - read the promos all over my local tv stations. Needless to say this marketing campaign sold me from the beginning. When i first saw the trailer for this back in September i was truly intrigued. The plot elements were creative and it was being helmed by the great David O Russel (The Fighter). While also showcasing one of my favorite actors in today's acting game. Also the up and coming Jennifer Lawrence who has established herself clearly as leading actress material. After her turn as Katniss Everdeen in last year's smash hit "The Hunger Games" while also showing her horror side with the decent "House at the end of the street" and i also love, love, loved her in "X-Men: First Class". Well her career is looking promising. Now Bradley Cooper has also made himself quite known, as his comedic turn in the "Hangover" series (Part III due out this summer). Plus my personal favorite performance by him, in Neil Burger's "Limitless" a truly great film that turned out to be. Lawrence and Cooper both deserve all the awards attention they are receiving. While the true talent is what is happening behind the camera. The intensity of some of the scene and the truly brilliant screenplay David O Russel has come up with. This film is a hit out of the park.

Story: Patrick (Cooper), to put it bluntly is an ego-statistical manic i suppose. The film opens up with him leaving a mental institution for anger management (he almost killed the man his wife was cheating on him with). Now lost and hopeless, Patrick meets the now widowed Tiffany Maxwell (Lawrence) all she wants to do is be a successful dancer. Patrick is still in love with his "wife" (she has a restraining order against him). Will go to any means to make things right again, even if that means helping Tiffany with her dance competition. The screenplay here, written by O' Russel is truly touching and moving and honestly terrific. Its been awhile since i have seen some scene play out so perfectly in only the direction O' Russel could go. Acting: (4.5/5) Bradley Cooper takes a true dramatic turn in this film as does Lawrence, you probably will hardly recognize them. I was truly impressed. I'm so glad this movie came out to exactly what it should have been, giving the wrong script and direction this movie could have been terrible. Add in some great supporting work from Robert De Niro and Jacki Weever along with Chris Tucker?. How the hell did he end up in this movie. Its been ages since i had seen him in a film (Rush Hour 3) to be exact. It was great to see him on stage as well. Directing: - of course i have been saying it my entire review. David O' Russel is truly a cinematic genius, nough said.

Overall: A truly terrific and humorous movie all across the board. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence shine in there best performances to date. Its a movie we all can feel good about and walk away with a great message. David O Russel is truly a genius. That is all that needs to be said i think about the great film that is "Silver Linings Playbook". This film will more than likely get shut-out by the critically acclaimed hit "Lincoln" but its nice to see a film like this get nominated. It is technically a comedy, but it does have elements of drama mixed throughout the entire picture and that is hit or miss. Hit "Funny People" miss "This Is 40". It all depends on who is starring and where the film is headed. While this will more than likely be one of the most talked about pictures of the year. I'm glad i get to see the film now and can talk about it and now what everyone else likes about the picture. Ladies and Gentlemen if you have not seen this movie or planned to. I suggest seeing it as quickly as possible because quite honestly this film is truly and ut-most a masterpiece. No question.





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