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“Sinister Not Suffering From Much Horror Cliches. Is Actually A Great Horror Film, That Is Well Written, Great Performance By Ethan Hawke And Actually Some Smart Thrills. Made Me Jump. Needless To Say Sinister Is That Scary Movie We All Need And Crave.”

October 13th, 2012

When the first trailer was released a few months back for this film called "Sinister" i was well intrigued. I first caught wind of it at a local screening and saw the trailer and almost immediately fell in love with the whole concept. It looked different and unlike most horror trash these days and with the talented lead of Ethan Hawke i was pretty well certain we have a horror classic on our hands. It had all the right elements in perfect order. Being a horror movie though does have its setbacks. For one ITS a horror film and so that stereotype already gets put into motion. B. It really did not look like much to most people other than me. But considering i was in a packed theater i'm going to say the word got out about this flick and people are craving that great horror film right now after the no surprise disappointment that was House at the End of the Street. While Sinister is opening a week before fellow heavyweight Paranormal Activity 4. I must say that film better watch out because with the perfect timing of an actually decent horror flick. Maybe it won't perform as well, but i doubt that highly. This movie was actually dare i say it? Scary. I was jumping out of my seat at one point i was truly impressed. Sinister also had a truly great plot going for it thanks to the talented writers that are bringing this movie to the big screen.

Story: (4/5) - the story takes place now in the present day (although it opens with a very well shocking opener). The film within the film is entitled "Hanging with the Family" while others include "Pool Party" and "Sleepy Time" (you need to see the film to understand those allusions). But anyway fellow New York Time best selling author. Ellison Oswalt (Hawke) who is moving into a local home as the inspiration to his next book about the abduction of a little girl Stephine. Blinded by the success of his last book "Kentucky Blood" Ellison wants to relive in his glory days and pull out another hit for his family. Upon the moving. He stumbles upon some old super 8 films in the attic. He then begins to watch them and can not fully understand what he is seeing. A creature named "Bagul" whom consumes the souls of children whenever they see his face. Ellison is determined to solve the mysteries about these family's at the risk of his own.

Story: - the story was very much what was promised. A creature that is so scary and intriguing and just plain interesting such as "Bagul" its hard not to be. Its really an original premise in a horror film that kind of has been done before. But not really. I really enjoyed learning about this "Crazy" character. So for me being the horror movie lover that i am i was happy. The ending COULD have been better. But ya know its fine with me, like it was good they ended it well and i was happy with it. Unlike other horror duds "Devil Inside" or any other possession flick. It leaves the audience with a sense of. Alright. It is kind of open ended though and for being made on the low low budget of $3million its safe to say this movie will be a hit. Acting: (4/5) - to get an actual big name star that people can recognize. Ethan Hawke has been well all over. He really has not done much over these past years. With the exception of Brooklyn's Finest & Daybreakers who has kind of flown under the radar. This? Sinister was a good choice and fit for him. Hopefully he will continue to do some more flicks in the near future because he truly is a great actor.

Overall: (4/5) Sinister not suffering from much horror cliches. Is actually a great horror film, that is well written, great performance by Ethan Hawke and actually some smart thrills. made me jump. Needless to say Sinister is that scary movie we all need and crave. Now i for one enjoy being scared and i enjoy horror movies. Why?. Because they are a blast and its just fun. When your with a group of your friends and your just scared out of your wits than chances are your going to have a good time. Its something about being scared in a movie theater that just makes life meaningful sometimes. Sinister is not the best nor perfect horror film. But considering the time of the year and well there have not been many good genuine horror flicks. Sinister was a well deserved surprised. Although some people may be annoyed by the films drastic ending. I for one enjoyed the film, for the sole purpose it promised. I was scared.





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