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The film revolves around an alien plague that infects a small town, setting a local (Rooker) on a murderous spree. His wife (Banks) teams up with an old flame to combat the situation.

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Slither Squirms to DVD October 24
Cultish horror flick is packed with extras.
Orange & Mantooth head down to the Drawing Room Bar in LA, where they watch a bootleg of Slither on Seann's new PSP!
CONTEST: Win Huge Prizes from Slither!
We're giving away some cool merch from the slimy horror flick!
The Cast and Crew Of Slither Speak
James Gunn, Elizabeth Banks, Gregg Henry, Michael Rooker and Nathan Fillion sit down to talk about the horror flick.
New Slither and RV Posters
Get a look at new one-sheets from upcoming films.
Slither Wants You!
Make your own TV commercial and win $25,000 from Universal Studios!
Watch the New Trailer for Slither!
Get a look at the goriest horror movie of 2006 thus far.
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