Slither Review

"Have You Ever Seen Anything Like That? Have You Ever Heard Of Anyting Like That, Huh? Me Neither. And I Watch Animal Planet All The Fuckin' Time!"

A meteor crashes nearby a small town. This soon leads to complete and total mahyem! Little worm type creatures start to invade the town, and possessing people, by entering the mouth. They turn into "zombie" like creatures. Maybe not an in-depth, and complicated storyline, that requires a lot of thought, BUT it is definalty a fun ride! Also farily original.

The "zombies" and other creepy creatures, including fat worms, all look real. Well, I'm not sure you could call them zombies. They don't try to eat people, they just turn them into one of them. Also there are more ways to kill them, besides "removing the head, or destroying the brain." Otherwise than that, you can call them zombies. Anyways, they look real, not fake, along with the freaky worm things. 5 goes to the visuals.

You better not take this movie seriously, because it sure doesn't take itself that way. It is really isn't horror. I was not frightened by this film, but I was laughing, and at the same time being amazed by the end scene, with a massive amount of gore, and gross-out moments. It combines horror, with comedy. Which in this case actually turns out well... not stupid, like some other horror-comedys.

Overall, definatly a movie worth checking out. As long as you do not mind gross out gore, you'll enjoy it. Though could have been slightly gorier in the middle.

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