Smokey and the Bandit


Smokey and the Bandit Cast

Burt Reynolds Burt Reynolds Bandit
Sally Field Sally Field Carrie
Jerry Reed Jerry Reed Cledus
Mike Henry Mike Henry Junior
Paul Williams Paul Williams Little Enos
Pat McCormick Pat McCormick Big Enos
Alfie Wise Alfie Wise Patrolman - Traffic Jam
George Reynolds George Reynolds Branford
Macon McCalman Macon McCalman Mr. B
Linda McClure Linda McClure Waynette
Susan McIver Susan McIver Hot Pants
Laura Lizer Sommers Laura Lizer Sommers Little Beaver
Michael Mann Michael Mann Branford's Deputy
Lamar Jackson Lamar Jackson Sugar Bear
Ronnie Gay Ronnie Gay Georgia Trooper
Quinnon Sheffield Quinnon Sheffield Alabama Trooper
Jackie Gleason Jackie Gleason Sheriff Buford T. Justice of Portague County
Bruce Atkins Bruce Atkins Man Little Enos pays off
Warde Q. Butler Warde Q. Butler Sheriff
Darin Chambers Darin Chambers State Police Tidwell
Hal Needham Hal Needham Director

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