Soul Power


This verité documentary about the legendary music festival “Zaire ‘74,” depicts the experiences and performances of such musical luminaries as James Brown, BB King, Bill Withers, and Celia Cruz. The film is crafted from the extensive “outtakes” that remained after making WHEN WE WERE KINGS, which chronicled the epic title fight between Mohammad Ali and George Foreman, but relegated the music festival to a small, supporting role. "Soul Power" finally provides today’s audience the opportunity to experience this historic musical event in all of its magnificent, filmed glory.

BOX OFFICE BEAT DOWN: ‘Bruno’ Spruces Up the Box Office with $30.4 Million

Despite stirring up controversy all across America, Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comedy Bruno perched itself atop the weekend box office charts with a hefty $30.4 million. Though better than Borat's opening of $26.4 million in 2006, that film was only released on 837 screens. Bruno premiered with a whopping 2,756 screens. So it seems audiences weren't as willing to be duped by this fashionista character, with quite a few of them calling him "less lovable" than Cohen's Kazakhstan's counterpart. Only time will tell how Bruno fares throughout the rest of summer.

This weekend's only other major release was Chris Columbus' return to teen cinema with I Love You, Beth Cooper. Despite being adapted from the hugely popular comedic novel of the same name by Larry Doyle, and a stellar cast of up and coming jokesters such as Paul Rust, Jack Carpenter, and Lauren Storm, this Hayden Panettiere laugher failed to stir up much interest at the box office. It dropped in way down at number seven, and could only muster up $5 million. This was even lower than summer 2009's all-time low with Eddie Murphy's Imagine That, which pulled in $5.5 million on its opening weekend.

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Bill Withers Has ‘Soul Power’!

Soul Power opens in limited release on July 10th, 2009.

Soul Power was released July 10th, 2009.

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