Southland Tales Review

“Random As Hell!!... Think That's Why I Loved It!”

March 26th, 2008

This new movie from Richard Kelly (Donnie Darko) is controversial. you will either hate it, think it's a complete waste of time and effort and wish you had just spent the last two hours picking scabs of a $5 hooker's gut locker, OR... like me, fall head over heels for it's originality and daring jump out of the mainstream. even though i haven't a fucking clue what it was about!

California is at war within itself. you have your rebels vs government thing going on with spies on both sides. but in the middle you have famous action star, Boxer Santaros (The Rock) whos has been kidnapped or something. honestly, the movie gradually explains it's self but the first half hour is very, very fucked up!

Boxer has wrote a script for what is to be his next big movie, but through out the movie he finds himself living all the ideas he had wrote down. the movie breaks off to a few different stories that continually lead us back to Boxer.

in between all this we meet Boxer's Pornstar/T.V pundit Girlfriend (Sarah Michelle Geller), who wants to help him with his movie. Cop,Roland Taverner(Sean William Scott), who is struggling to find his other half..(litterally)

all this makes the movie very enjoyable, alot of dark humour thrown in lightens the mood when you think this can't get any more weird. The Rock gives his norm, Geller seems to have improved "alot", and Scott gives his best performance to date, and more importantly, the best of the movie.

it's his honesty that kept me hanging in to un-earth the weird'ness of it all!

does this movie have a point?..... course not! is it so weird that you love it?.... was for me!

i really hope you check this movie out, wether to think it's great, or talk shit about it! like i said........ it's controversial!!

Rad's Rating: 4 stars.


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  • ed-wood • 8 years ago

    Good review, love the movie.


    • radimus-83 • 8 years ago

      yeah sort of thought reading back over it. but there is way to much going on for me to try and explain it. i wouldn't want to give anything away and like i told you, hate doing reviews. cause i new i'd get picked up on things!.........


      • sxers2k1 • 8 years ago

        ehhh. still not all about it, nice review though


        • radimus-83 • 8 years ago

          i'll try your sister if your not carefull!


          • insertusernamehere • 8 years ago

            Nice. It's nice to see that ur trying. :)


            • marcusx • 8 years ago

              awessome review. i will have to pick this one up fo sho


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