Speed Racer Review

“A Must See For All Ages ”

September 27th, 2008

This movie rocked for the people who havent seen this yet this is what its about Emile Hirsh plays Speed in this remake of the Japanse era animated show from the popular Wachowski Brothers the directors of The Matrix trilogy Speed Racer has every company begging at his feet for him to join their companies including Royalton so the boss of Royalton tries to get Speed to get him to join his company but Speed rejects the offer making the owner madder than ever Speed finds a secret that every company is fixing races like in this movie for example the 43 Prix Royalton tries to make speed belive that the 43 prix was fixed for Ben Burns to win So Royalton keeps on telling him that he wont win races so hes tring to tell him wrong but speed cant lose races because thats impossible for speed.So thru the whole movie hes tring to win the a death Defying race called the Crucible and Hes tring to find who killed his big brother Rex Racer For the people who love Emile Hirsh & Christina Ricci& John Goodman& Matthew Fox& Hiroyuki sanada& Rain& Richard Roundtree& susan Sarandon Will love this movie


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