Spider-Man 2 Review

“The Amazing Spider-Man”

April 6th, 2008

This is the best superhero ever portrayed on the big-screen. Spider-Man is just by far the deepest of all the Marvel characters made by creator Stan Lee. This sequel easily doubles my love for our neighboorhood-friendly hero. Tobey Maguire was totally made to play Peter Parker. His on-screen presence with everyone is priceless. Everything director Sam Raimi has done, including casting Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus aka Dock Ock for the sequel, has made him an A-list name in Hollywood.

The story obviously leaves off where the first left us. Peter now has no choice but to take whatever jobs come his way. He is a pizza delivery guy this time around & is criticized by all about his laziness, tardiness, looking exhausted all the time & not being there when help or love is needed. Mary Jane on the other hand still love Peter, but just can't get him to say it too. She is now a successful broadway actress in the play, The Importance of Being Earnest. She can't stand the fact that Peter has never shown up to see her on stage. So MJ has no choice but to shut Peter out of her life. Harry Osborn now has control of his father's company, OsCorp. Harry now has funded a project for one of the most accomplished scientist in the world, Dr. Otto Octavius. Later on, you find the project going down the tube when things go all wrong & yes, Doc Ock is here. Well, that is all I'm giving you for now. PLEASE check out the phenomenom that is Spider-Man 2. You should not be disappointed, because this has to be by far the best superhero movie ever made.


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  • taurus5382 • 8 years ago

    Thanks!!! All of my reviews are from my RottenTomatoes journal. That is why so many are up pretty quickly. :)


    • the-fallen-one • 8 years ago

      Nice reviews! You really reviewed your ass off!A page and a half,I commend you good sir!


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