Spider-Man 3 Review

"This Film Lost Its Spice From The First Two Films In The Franchise..."

The main villian everyone wanted to see and that was mainly advertised was not given the proper justice he deserved. I wanted more of venom and less of everything else. there are quite a few things i need to say about this film...

1. The Butler thing. wow what a stupid idea. i would have either killed or shot him if he was my buter. if he knew all that time that his father had killed himself, he should have said something rather than hid it frm Harry. Plus he was a character that was not present in the other films.

2. harry should have never made up with Spider-man. He should have kept fighting with him. That was a bullshit move.

3. Sandman was a reall pussy. And spider-man forgiving hiim and that crap. that was gay. man if that son of a bitch killed my father figure, i dnt care if it was on purpose or not, i would have killed him.

4. The biggest upset of them all.....VENOM!!! are you kidding me. he is Spider-man's joker and yu aren't going to put him in the movie any longer than the last ten minutes and have him get his ass whooped so very easily by spider-man. that was bullshit. Everyone wanted to see Venom in that movie. That is the villian they had on all the movie posters and everything. then they g and have two idiot pussy villians take over in the whole film? Sam, you really did a great job with the first two, what the hell hapened? If you come bcak for Spiderman 4, you better get your act together.

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