Stand Up Guys Review

“They May Be Old, But Even If They Don't Always Deliver Award Winning Movies, You Just Love To Watch Them Go Crazy.”

February 2nd, 2013

Stand Up Guys is a 2013 drama movie.

Directed by: Fisher Stevens

Starring: Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, Alan Arkin,

This is a movie my dad would enjoy. So would I, but as you can see, the cast is aged like quality jerky and would have a better chance at appealing to my old man than me. Given that I've ventured to the three lead's films of the past and the new, why should I ignore a good product with actors who defined their careers by being themselves?

Stand Up Guys is a perfect, fictional example of what men of their age would do if they were to go out with a bang. They have skeletons in their closets, and have a lot to answer for when they reach the other side, but in their last hours on Earth, they repay their sins with redemption and retribution.

Val (Pacino) is on parole, and like any good friend, hell, even a best friend, Doc (Walken) takes him around town to get a drink, a drug fix and the usual brothel to get a man back into the arms of a warm peace of silk, if you know what I mean. Doc has a problem though, because his boss wants him to put a bullet in his friend's head for permanent concealed secrets. As we would expect, he puts the hit off for a good long while.

Now, I could go into three paragraphs to explain what didin't and did work, but then again, in the slow beats of the starting year, would it be fair to my readers to bored them with details they know deep into their bones they care not off for lack of trying? Ha! Here are my points:

1. Alan Arkin is a beast in his old age, making me laugh in his current roles of the past decade.

2. Pacino and Walken are still Pacino and Walken. And...

3. Lucy Punch is a bombshell and hilarious woman, making her a better candidate than Cameron Diaz for the lead in Bad Teacher

This movie is for a good time, for old and new viewers. Hell, my dad called me up just to ask me what showtimes were available, and of course to see it with me, but it never happened. My point, it's also a good movie to see with your dad, if you are male or female. Good lessons, great humor.

Overall, they may be old, but even if they don't always deliver award winning movies, you just love to watch them go crazy.

Written by: Bawnian©-Dexeus.


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