Star Trek Review

“"That's Not Canon!" And So I Shut My Eyes. But Thank Goodness My Friends Urged Me To Reopen Them And Give This Film A Second Chance, Because Otherwise I Would Have Missed All The Joy...”

October 18th, 2009

Wow. As an avid (my friends would rather say "rabid") Trekker, when I first heard about the new Star Trek, I was annoyed. Give me a break! How on earth are you going to top the first 10 movies?

So I went to see it. My poor friend who went with me had to keep his hand over my mouth so I wouldn't be muttering "This isn't canon" over and over. Kirk's eyes are blue. Spock's getting frisky. McCoy is way too gruff. They BLEW UP VULCAN??? I walked away bitter and decided it was horrible, and didn't hesitate to tell anyone who dared ask my opinion. But several of my more open-minded friends urged me to rethink my position.

So rather than close my mind totally, I went and did my research. I read Mr. Abram's interviews about his concepts and visions. I did a little more digging on these fresh new faces "invading" my territory. And then I went and saw it again, eyes wide open.

I was blown away that time. The acting was spectacular, with amazing talent all around. The story line actually made sense (once I unclenched my ---). The work done by ILM was brilliant, par for the course. And oh--the soundtrack! I have a new favorite composer! When I left the theater that time, I was a changed woman. No more gripes. Just gushing enthusiasm and a totally redesigned view of Hollywood.

How many of my generation have heard our parents say that Hollywood is going downhill? And for a while I began to believe it. But not with the likes of Mr. Abrams lurking about. Not any more! If you're a hardcore Trekker, don't turn away from what could be a truly epic experience. If you've never heard of Star Trek (and where have you been in that case?) or have misgivings about it, don't discount the impact this great film could make.

I have to give it five stars across the board...only because that was as high as it could go. I shall be waiting like a child on Christmas Eve for the next one. Way to go, everyone involved!

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