Stone Review

“Another Dull And Uninspired De Niro Movie... When's The Loss Streak Gonna End?”

November 17th, 2010

What is "Stone" about? It's about manipulation? Is it about deceiving? Is it about blackmailing? Is it about a guy who wants to get out from prison or it's about the bad things done in order to do good things? Obviously, John Curran, did not find out the best way possible to deliver the right answer nor he managed to balance the movie properly. We completely forget about the purpose because the movie drags too much around some characters that don't have a good chemistry nor a powerful or intelligent story to be connected with each other. The storytelling gets pretty messy at points, a lot of awkward moments and useless pieces of dialogue but most of all the "path" or pattern could be seen by the beginning. This movie lacks in consistency, balance and character development. It becomes dull and nothing really keeps you interested, sometimes you wish you could have seen it home so you could have the possibility of skipping a few minutes here and there.

The casting was not that great even if all main actors are known for their career or potential. De Niro, specifically was not meant for this role or this movie perhaps. His role was not that boring but not interesting and his character portrayal was to me a simple routine for him. No soul into it, no hard work just... acting routine. Milla Jovovich on the other hand was a perfect choice because she really fits the role of a gorgeous, easy and weird woman. She delivers that strange sexual behavior very good so choosing her for this role was a good option. Edward Norton, who we all know mainly from Fight Club and American History X, impersonated the desperate but meticulous convict pretty well. He added nothing outrageous to his character but he didn't had the courage or inspiration to make it appear more convincing.

Technically, another disappointment. The cinematography was not that good, the lens were too grey on moments and I really felt I was gonna fall asleep especially because of the editing. So many useless shots, so many silence moments, so many points where I was like sitting in my chair, looking in my left and my right, looking back to the screen and tried to remember what movie is that I'm watching right now. I felt really disappointed.

Overall, this movie lacks in about everything that is needed for a good movie to be made. It's not a great time at cinema and I honestly don't recommend it unless you're a fan of dull movies. I guess for a rental it could be good but otherwise I cannot support this movie in any way. I am still counting the days till a good De Niro movie...

Storyline/Dialogue: 5,5/10.

Acting: 6,5/10.

Cinematography/Editing: 5,5/10.

Art Direction: 5/10.

Soundtrack/Score: 5/10.


Overall: 5,7

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