Stop Loss Review


September 21st, 2008

I thought this movie was accurate in portraying the lives of the brave men and women who have to fight in war. I enjoy how it holds nothing back in revieling what some of these brave people have to deal with in war and coming home. This movie shows how duty and sacrifice may take its toll on a persons life. We see three characters which is the main group of this film come home from Iraq still fighting issue's of their own personal war. One of these cannot cope with being home and resorts to drinking and irational mood swings which in event leads to his demise. Another soldier his first night home is not easy resorting into using tactics that he had to use in the battle field such as a sleeping arangment which only some soldier's feel comfortable in after such a long exposure to warfare. Then the story follows are main character who is in " Stop Loss". This means when you sign a military contract depending on how many years you enlist for service their is a clause in the contract which states " Years Of None Active Duty". The military has the choice to reinstate you for the time written in the clause. Our main character believes he is getting out and they choose to put him right back in. Confused, angered and drivin he does everything possible to over turn this judgement by going AWOL. During the course of the story of our main character we see war flash backs. Delusions and also the training in which he perfected. We see him defending himself when he is outnumbered by a group of civilians in turn leads to him almost lossing control. I honestly loved this movie and recommend anyone who hasent seen to rent or buy it. It has a great story with drama and action.

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