Sucker Punch Review

“Visually Stunning, Lacking In Story”

March 25th, 2011

Alright let's get started. Sucker Punch has been on my most anticipated list for 2011 since I saw the first trailer, went and saw it in IMAX at the midnight showing. I knew walking into the film that there probably wouldn't be a great storyline to follow with this so I prepared myself. I was sure that this would be a thrilling visual film with attractive female characters with weapons and that's exactly what you get.

Zack Snyder (300 and Watchmen) has a certain feel for all of his films, you could tell just from the trailer that this was a Zack Snyder film. He has a way of getting your imagination going and he uses A LOT of slowmotion effects. The real thing that really begins to make this film lag is it's story and characters. Even after about 20 min in the film you still don't know much about the characters and when something happens to them you don't really feel for them. This becomes a problem throughout the film though you still want them to succeed in their quest.

One of the big things that hurts the film is the fact that on the journey to find the five items that the girls are out to find to be free, you just jump from one place to another to another and so forth and so on, you don't have time to appreciate everything. The look is very similar to a video game with music being played the whole time. Which also makes it like a video game but with almost no feel of success after the girls succeed in their mission.

The acting was pretty average, but it seemed really flat at times. Snyder's direction I feel could've been better and more focused on the acting but considering the story really hurts the acting he made the right choice to focus on the visual aspect.

Already knowing that Snyder can create a great look for a film seeing him do it with Sucker Punch makes me excited to see what he'll do with Superman. Of course the big issue with Superman is the story first and foremost, if Goyer's script is good and Snyder remains faithful to the story and adds his style into the mix it should be great.

Overall Sucker Punch is a fun action-packed visual treat and really nothing more. If you want to enjoy some beauties and a lot of music and explosions I suggest it. Other than that wait till it's out for rental.

Overall Grade: C


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  • narrator • 5 years ago

    No one commented on this review yet? Hmm. Well, I will. Nice review, friend. It seems a lot of the reviewers on this site and others seem to agree with your overall thoughts on the film, and I do as well (more or less). Bummer, because I anticipated this film for 2 years, but thankfully I downed my expectations before entering the theater.


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