Sucker Punch Review


August 9th, 2011

I watched this film and liked it. The music was catchy and the acting was great! Also, the visual effects were pretty sweet. I think what I didn't like was it felt like a 30 minute joy ride and that was it. I felt they should have added on to it a bit and made it bit better. I watched the Extended Cut, but still felt like they left some stuff out.

Some stuff I would have loved to see:

-Babydoll's full dance route

-Other dances by other girls

-Singing(As I read all the girls took singing lessons for this film.)

-One last fight scene with Sweet Pea and Babydoll

-Maybe even an epilogue with Sweet Pea

I guess you can say I'm picky, but I still think this movie should be nominated for music, acting, and visuals at the very least, since the music was great and catchy! The storyline as I said needed a bit of work!

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