Super 8 Review

“E.T. + Cloverfield = Win”

January 1st, 2012

Like Cloverfield this movie is not so much about the alien (monster) but about how people react to the alien. & like E.T. this movie is about a group of young kids. Like both of those movies, super 8 is just a good entertaining movie. There are some big action scenes & some chases but it isn't relentless action & there is a lot that is not shown. Instead we see the effects, which is just as good because it decreases the amount of cgi. We do see the alien near the end of the movie & it does look truly alien. But I like how that is not the point of the movie.

The best part is the realistic & believable dialogue. A lot of movies forget to have dialogue that represents how a real person would react in certain situations but super 8 does not. The boys react the way normal boys would. The friends argue with each other & express awe just like we would. It really helps make the characters believable. Of course that means that the kids use a lot of profanity which unfortunately means that most boys of the same age probably did not see the movie, which is too bad. This movie should have been a bigger hit & should have been seen by more young kids

Sure the end seems a little overdone but I think it seems that way only because that's how long it really would take a boy to let go.


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