Super Mario Bros. (1993)

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This is the story of two hard working Italian plumber brothers named Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, who befriends a young paleontologist named Daisy. She uncovers a massive find of mysterious new dinosaur bones. While exploring the tunnels where dinosaur fossils lay, saboteurs hired by the Mario Bros. rival businessman, Anthony Scapelli, to break some underground pipes. Meanwhile, in a hidden world called Dino-world, King Koopa's land is running out of water and going through problems so he sends Spike and Iggy to kidnap Daisy! Now the Super Mario Bros. find themselves the only hope to save the Earth from invasion then challenge a diabolical lizard king and they must battle giant reptilian goombas, outwit misfit thugs and undermine sinister scheme by taking over the world!

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Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie Is Happening at Sony

Super Mario Bros. Animated Movie Is Happening at Sony

Emails from the Sony Pictures hack reveal that producer Avi Arad has been pursuing the rights to Super Mario Bros., but a deal isn't closed.
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