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Why are Americans so fat? Find out in "Super Size Me," a tongue in-cheek - and burger in hand -- look at the legal, financial and physical costs of America's hunger for fast food. Ominously, 37% of American children and adolescents are carrying too much fat and 2 out of every three adults are overweight or obese. Is it our fault for lacking self-control, or are the fast-food corporations to blame? Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock hit the road and interviewed experts in 20 U.S. cities, including Houston, the "Fattest City" in America. From Surgeon Generals to gym teachers, cooks to kids, lawmakers to legislators, these authorities shared their research, opinions and "gut feelings" on our ever-expanding girth. During the journey, Spurlock also put his own body on the line, living on nothing but McDonald's for an entire month with three simple rules: 1) No options: he could only eat what was available over the counter (water included!); 2) No supersizing unless offered; 3) No excuses: he had to eat every item on the menu at least once. It all adds up to a fat food bill, harrowing visits to the doctor, and compelling viewing for anyone who's ever wondered if man could live on fast food alone. The film explores the horror of school lunch programs, declining health and physical education classes, food addictions and the extreme measures people take to lose weight and regain their health. "Super Size Me" is a satirical jab in the stomach, overstuffed with fat and facts about the billion-dollar industry besieged by doctors, lawyers and nutritionists alike. "Would you like fries with that?" will never sound the same!

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EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Spurlock Talks POM Wonderful Presents the Greatest Movie Ever Sold
The director talks about the new term "doc-buster", why In-N-Out Burger is a bummer, and the meta-nature of making a film about making a film.
Morgan Spurlock Supersizes Hart Sharp Video
Indy distributor to offer documentary films under the "Morgan Spurlock Presents..." label.
Documentary Super Size Me gets distributed
...hitting shelves September 26th
Hart Sharp orders up Super Size Me on DVD
...the flm get's a fall release
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