Superhero Movie Review

"Easily, The Worst Movie Of The Year!"

I almost saw this trash in the theater. I thank God I didn't. The humor is not even close to funny.

This is a terrible movie that I question why it was made. Anyone who laughs at this... I pitty you (except Vampire2000).

Of course every elemt of this movie sucks because the director and writer couldn't even come up with stuff that will make you laugh.

I can't believe I gave $4.61 (the rental fee) to this movie for them to make a sequel. I sure hope they don't. I didn't just waste money, but 75 minuets of my life. Thankfully it was shorter than the average movie. I couldn't take it any longer.

Even if you like the Scary Movie franchise, you will not like this. I like Scary Movie 3 and 4, not Superhero Movie.

You MIGHT laugh at a few parts, but overall, you will find this lame and insulting. You will sit there (if you don't turn it off) and stare at the screen and wonder "Was that part suppose to be funny?" Here's the answere- It was suppose to be funny, but it wasn't.

Not a very good movie to watch with your date, either, because this will embarras the crap out of the male gender.

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