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  • There are a few lively bits, and one joke with an edge: a slap at Stephen Hawking and his computer-drone voice. Mostly, though, this is super-lame.

    Owen Gleiberman — Entertainment Weekly

  • To call Superhero Movie a satire, or even a parody, of the genre specified in its title would be misleading, since those terms imply at least an attempt at wit. But no real mockery is intended by this mindless grab bag of slightly used gags.

    A.O. Scott — New York Times

  • It's a bit late in the game for Superhero Movie, which was never going to fly, and barely crawls.

    John Anderson — Washington Post

  • Superhero Movie would make a decent long-form short on the "Funny or Die" website, but at 85 minutes -- 15 of which are outtake-heavy end credits -- its powers of amiability wear off fast.

    Ty Burr — Boston Globe

  • The gags are consistently weak.

    J. R. Jones — Chicago Reader

  • 70 minutes of good if unmemorable fun sure beats 80 or 90 minutes of excruciating parodies for dummies, a la Date Movie and Epic Movie.

    Dennis Harvey — Variety

  • It's a movie for the inner 9 year old in us all. That's the age that most people move on from flatulence jokes, and sniggering whenever they hear the 's' or 'f' words.

    Roger Moore — Orlando Sentinel

  • It looks for all the world as if writer/director Craig Mazin took the screenplay for Spider-Man, propped it up next to his MacBook, and just went through it, inserting fart gags, pratfalls and the lamest of jokes.

    Peter Howell — Toronto Star

  • It's rather benign, actually -- never very funny, and never amusing for more than a few moments at a time, but not grating or clownish, either.

    Eric D. Snider —

  • Puerile and idiotic it may be, but Superhero Movie is nonetheless smarter than most of its lowbrow brethren in the Hollywood sub-sub-category known as the spoof movie.

    Jason Anderson — Globe and Mail

  • By-the-numbers screen parody fails to resurrect an increasingly tired genre.

    Frank Scheck — Hollywood Reporter

  • The very act of writing critically about Superhero inspires something of an existential crisis -- no one likely to turn out for it is reading this review, and anybody reading this review is probably not inclined to see it under any circumstances.

    Mark Olsen — Los Angeles Times

  • (Superhero Movie movie review at Time Out)

    Hank Sartin — Time Out

  • (Superhero Movie movie review at Digital Spy)

    Dean Essner — Digital Spy

  • (Superhero Movie movie review at

    Dave White —

  • Tiresome, generic spoof is all about crude humor.

    Cynthia Fuchs — Common Sense Media

  • Nao tao desastroso quanto outras imitacoes baratas das producoes do ZAZ, mas ainda assim apelativo e irregular.

    Pablo Villaca — Cinema em Cena

  • Nothing in Superhero Movie could be described as magical, but for comic-book fans in a forgiving mood, this lowbrow outing has its moments. [Blu-ray]

    Peter Canavese — ON Magazine

  • ...boasts an actual storyline and a few genuinely hilarious jokes and gags.

    David Nusair — Reel Film Reviews

  • Unfortunately, the film has nothing remotely interesting or satirical to say about the genre it is spoofing, so there is little to hold your attention between the gags, which do not arrive at the rapid-fire clip necessary to sustain the laughter ...

    Steve Biodrowski — ESplatter

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