Superman/Batman: Apocalypse


When a spaceship splashes down in Gotham Harbor, Batman and Superman encounter a mysterious Kryptonian with powers as great as Superman's. When Darkseid gets wind of this, he has the Kryptonian abducted and brought under his control on Apokolips. It's up to Batman and Superman to retrieve the Kryptonian, forcing them to infiltrate Darkseid's hostile world where superpowerful threats lurk around every corner. This story is based on the popular storyline from the Superman/Batman comic books.

‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’ World Premiere Q&A

Tim Daly stars as the voice of Superman After the success of last year's Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, which still stands as one of the most popular DC Universe Animated Original Movies ever made, it was inevitable that producers would eventually create a follow-up. Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the first sequel to ever be made from the DC Universe Animated Original Movies, is based on the popular comic book story "Superman/Batman: Supergirl" written by Jeph Loeb and late comic book artist Michael Turner, which itself was actually the sequel to the graphic novel that Superman/Batman: Public Enemies was based on written by Loeb and artist Ed McGuiness. The movie, which will be available on DVD and Blu-ray beginning September 28th, follows the origin story of the DC Universe's current Supergirl, Kara Zor-El, and our heroes as they battle against the evil ruler Darkseid.

Last week we had the pleasure of being among the first to see the film at its premiere in Los Angeles at The Paley Center for Media. On hand to celebrate the release of the movie were producer Bruce W. Timm (Batman: The Animated Series), director Lauren Montgomery (Wonder Woman) and Casting director Andrea Romano (Justice League Unlimited) as well as the actors who portray Superman and Wonder Woman in the film, Tim Daly (Superman: The Animated Series) and Susan Eisenberg (Justice League) respectively.

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‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse’'s Ed Asner Talks Granny Goodnesss

Seven-time Emmy Award winner Edward Asner (Up) reprises his Superman: The Animated Series/Justice League role as Granny Goodness in Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, the ninth entry in the popular, ongoing series of DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 Movies coming September 28, 2010 from Warner Premiere, DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation and Warner Home Video.

Granny Goodness is the primary henchwoman for the evil lord Darkseid, ruler of the distant planet Apokolips and a cruel, ominous being even more powerful than Superman. Edward Asner first voiced the role for four episodes of Superman: The Animated Series, and returned to those evil female roots for two episodes of Justice League and Justice League: Unlimited.

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SDCC 2010 EXCLUSIVE: ‘Batman: Under the Red Hood’ Cast Interviews

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse was released September 28th, 2010.

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