Superman: Unbound


Superman: Unbound Synopsis

An adaption of Geoff Johns 'Braniac' storyline from 2008.

As Superman's romance with Lois heats up (in his secret identity as Clark Kent), he worries that she could be in jeopardy if his enemies discover their connection. And his paternal instincts drive him to be overprotective of the teenage Kara — despite the fact that she has super abilities on par with his.

Superman: Unbound News
Molly C. Quinn Talks Supergirl in Superman: Unbound
The Castle star lends her voice to Supergirl in this DC Universe animated adventure, debuting on Blu-ray and DVD May 7th.
Superman Unbound 'Lois & Clark' Clip
In addition, we have video interviews with stars Matthew Bomer and Stana Katic for this animated superhero adventure, on Blu-ray and DVD May 7th.
Stana Katic and John Noble Talk Superman: Unbound
The two actors voice Lois Lane and Brainiac in this latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, available May 7th.
Superman: Unbound 'Supergirl' Clip
Plus, we have photos featuring Superman, Supergirl and Lois Lane from this DC Universe animated adventure debuting on Blu-ray and DVD May 7th.
Superman: Unbound 'You Must Be Brainiac' Clip
Superman meets the evil genius Brainiac in this scene from the latest DC Universe animated adventure, on Blu-ray and DVD May 7th.
Three Superman: Unbound Photos Plus Blu-ray Special Features Announced
This new animated DC adventure will include over four hours of bonus footage, arriving May 7th.
Superman: Unbound Blu-ray and DVD Debut May 7th
Matthew Bomer lends his voice to the Man of Steel in this animated adventure where Superman battles Brainiac.
Superman: Unbound Trailer
White Collar star Matthew Bomer provides the voice of Superman in the latest animated superhero adventure from Warner Home Video.
First Superman: Unbound Photos with Lois Lane, and Supergirl
White Collar star Matt Bomer voices Superman, while Castle stars Stana Katic and Molly C. Quinn voice Lois Lane and Supergirl in this animated adventure.
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