Taken 2 Review

“We All Knew That They Would Have Taken The Piss! At Some Point! Or We Would Have!”

October 8th, 2012

When news was first released of a Taken 2 you are of course Taken-aback and are both quite equalled by emotion- since the release of the tense taunt gritty noiristic stylist euro-corp. production Neeson has seamlessly been the leading action man and to have him reprise his role of Brian gives you a feeling of Willis going back to McKane. And following the bad news is the hype of it all, the outlook the trailer and the optional director up for grabs being Olivier Megaton who mad the least divulging well what is divulging about Transporter but least exercisable to watch with its steely grey photography grafted with brought contrasting oranges and blues and just a tick tocking of a migraine it is. Then Columbiana which I didn't judge for myself neither will I- due to general negativity and to loosely put it there is no Pierre Morel whose last film stands as a over wrought mega budgeted flop ended Travolta farce but with Taken it was slick, nuanced, for a Besson scripted feature- for one I don't have nay regard to in script writing nor film making anymore and for his egocentric ways but still I will give him his dues he allows many a director to flourish- but Megaton doesn't equal Morel's taunt, edgy camerawork that could be seen as the European version of Greengrass.

Taken one was uncertianty at its highest in cinema, Neeson, wavy hair, leather jacket, mooching, ex-C.I.A type whose daughter is Taken and trafficked on a sex market- the story was different and to see Neeson pinpointed into this extremities and seeing him in a role unlike his 2005 shtick full of master of swords and blades and wisdom. Not to disregard Neeson he is one bad mother f*cker. It was fast, short, astu7te, well thought out- action packed- but the sequel well it has its moments but since UNKNOWN which I felt was a rehash and rebounding version of taken how could a sequel work? Taken Again-Taken Twice, Two Taken- what was it that could make this work-well the result is both deeply unsatisfying but unique in as much a way as I thought it didn't look by the trailer.

I hope not to be lazy and just say there is no need to rummage and depict and analyze the metaphorical and dynamic that this film works on but it is a revenge feature- Neeson's Brian's daughter and Wife is hunted and tracked whilst on holiday- a surprise for Brian who was in Istanbul for work- due his daughter is still trying her hardest to grow whilst her Daddy is ever more there tracking her cellphone his ex-is clinging onto her broad ex-lover wanting him back it seems after a failed marriage.

On from there, there is action, car crashes, some unique but quite unraveling and simplistically dim ideas to do with Brian's and astute sense of fell, taste, direction and awareness. From the trailer his daughter seems to come off as an action type- hopeless frail previous this all out action- this is not the cause and is the only logic and power and tour de force de facto oomph we get in the feature- the vulnerability brought into desperation to help and rebound safety and security for her father and to grow as her own self and women.

It is both tense and taunt- but due to the slender 12A rating (PG-13 in the USA) it doesn't pack a punch in the way the first did- it was realistic, gritty- this is what the Transporter and what Lockout and District 13 feel like- franchise bum fluff- this being a crass cheesy sausage fest it has bite. And has a okay not as cool line as the first but cool enough- Liam Neeson could make anything sound cool and badass like

"Buy our Cornish sausages.....$3 dollars and...(arches eyebrow) ninety nine cense"!

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