Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight Review

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November 2nd, 2013

For 7 seasons, Tales From The Crypt was one of the most imaginative shows on cable. Fellow fans of the show will remember that it wasn't about the blood and gore, but the interest in the show came from it's unique characters and that amazing twist at the end, that is why I made Demon Knight my Halloween movie. The film start with an exciting chase and a mysterious man who shows up in a small New Mexico town. He is a protector against the dark forces that mean to take over the world. Once his location is discovered, he and his fellow halfway house residence are surrounded by demons and must survive the night. The shows was 30 minutes of pure intrigue, but the films, which are obviously longer, have been huge disappointments. While you still get those unique characters and stories, they still only have about 30 minutes worth of story to tell. That means they have to fill the rest of the film with a lot of gore, and trust me, it gets old in a hurry. The lead is played by veteran character actor, William Sadler, who has never really been a star. He's been in a ton of stuff, and everyone knows his face, but he's never had one character that you can really identify him with. He was pretty good in Demon Knight and most certainly fit the interesting character, but personally I felt he was a little too old for the role, as seen in many of the action sequences. Sadler has a ton of help from a large supporting cast, including a then unknown actress named Jada Pinkett. Demon Knight wasn't a bad film, but it's certainly not what I've come to expect from Tales From The Crypt. The film was much to straight forward and lacks that interesting story we've come to love over 7 seasons. If you're a die hard fan of the show, I'd recommend seeing Demon Knight, but if you're not, then you can really skip this one.

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