Taxi to the Darkside


"Taxi to the Darkside," which recently won Best Documentary Feature prize at its premiere at the 2007 Tribeca Film Festival, examines the death of an Afghan taxi driver at Bagram Air Base from injuries inflicted by U.S. soldiers. In an unflinching look at the Bush administration's policy on torture, filmmaker Alex Gibney takes us from a village in Afghanistan to Guantanamo and straight to the White House.

HBO Hails a ‘Taxi to the Dark Side’

The project takes an investigative look at the murder of a taxi driver which occurred at the U.S.' Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. This case is used to further explore the American use of detention and condoning of torture in interrogations.

The film will now air without any cuts, something that would have been impossible on The Discovery Channel. HBO plans to debut the film sometime in 2009.

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