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“He Likes To Use Recycled Pop-culture Jokes, And Even In This Film At Times Used Them To Place A Not So Subtle Witty Crack At Someone. Despite That I Believe This Is MacFarlane's Best Work In A While.”

July 1st, 2012

After eight year old Johnny makes a wish, his teddy bear named "Ted" comes to life. Fast forward 27 years and Johnny is happily dating Lori, working for a rental company and enjoying his life. However with their fourth anniversary upon them, Lori decides it is time for them to settle down and think about marriage to do so Johnny must ask Ted to move out on his own.

Ted is surprisingly much better than I could have hoped. It could have been an instant liking of the voice over by Patrick Stewart that sold me, or maybe it was the establishment of a certain magical charm that carried through out the film. Ted got me laughing, delicately using the "bromance vs romance" cliché as a crutch when the pot-smoking teddy bear gag got old.

I've always felt like Seth MacFarlane is self-indulgent in his writings, at times almost patting himself on the back for his own success. He likes to use recycled pop-culture jokes, and even in this film at times used them to place a not so subtle witty crack at someone. Despite that I believe this is MacFarlane's best work in a while. He handles the emotions to this best of his ability, which is very different from the style of Family Guy. Family Guy is a one not show, where Ted has very delicate emotions on the line. Ted may have been a crude comedy one the surface, but there is a much greater story underneath about a man and his teddy bear. Seth MacFarlane successfully displayed a modern day best friendship on screen, where both Johnny and Ted would do anything for one another. It was very good to see a true friendship displayed on the screen, and even through-out the film the character of Lori begins to see it.

MacFarlane was also able to place all the right key players in all the right places. Using in very funny situations some of the cast of Family Guy and even using cast member Mila Kunis for one of the most prominent roles in the film. Mila Kunis matched up with Mark Wahlberg just seemed to click, their characters both seeming real. Mark Wahlberg makes very good use of the fact that he comes from Boston through-out the film. MacFarlane does some effective voice work as Ted. The supporting players which include the confident and cocky portrayal from Joel McHale, the over the top but still very much funny Sam J. Jones and also very good creepy stalker portrayal from the always reliable Giovanni Ribisi.

Despite the very seldom ill-placed joke, Ted remains a fun comedy film for most of it's run. MacFarlane brought a sort of boyish heart, reminding us all of the childhood Teddy bear that will forever be our best friend. Ted is the first worthwhile R-Rated comedy of the year. I highly recommend checking out this film.


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