Ted Review

“MacFarlane In His Directorial Debut And Bringing That Family Guy-esq Humor. Ted Is The Best Comedy To Come Along In A While. With The Impeccable Casting Of Whalberg & The Raunchy Humor That Truly Never Gets Old..oh And Its Really Really Really Funny.”

June 30th, 2012

When you hear about a movie called "Ted" when i first read the synopsis about a teddy bear coming to life? and Mark Whalberg is in it? Oh and add the fact Seth MacFarlane in his first directorial debut?. You have all the perfect ingredients for the best R rated comedy since "Hot Tub Time Machine". There have been funny R rated comedies in the past..Horrible Bosses, That't My Boy and 21 Jump Street. But they never reached this level of intensity. The character of Ted is so relatable and at times you actually feel connected to him and MacFarlane has done a great job at making us love this furry little guy add in the Whalberg effect? this film is a slam dunk. The humor does resemble Family Guy in more ways than way, but Ted i must say..is more funnier and i guess Mature? than Family Guy..its an R rated Comedy that shows its true color. Alot of good quotes to, ones that are sure to be mumbled throughout all the high schools this upcoming year, and such memorable moments that fans will be talking about for ages to come. But what really makes Ted? So funny? is the humor and writing that MacFarlane has infused into this story and especially with his type of humor..it was good for Seth to break out of his TV-14 range and into the world of Restricted. Ted wants you to know..this is not some kid movie. But a movie Grown-Ups and teenagers can actually enjoy. Worth Admission at least seeing it 3 times on the big screen. The comedy of the year.

Story: (5/5) - MacFarlane came up with the story himself, he wrote it and directed it. The story of a young boy's Christmas wish coming to life. Which is where we get the title character Ted. The film opens on the early years of John (Whalberg) and Ted's life together and how society has come to accept Ted as a regular person. But everyone grows up. Ted now 27 years later is a pot-smoking, free loader-slacker, who lives with his longtime "Thunder-Buddy" John. But now with John's relationship on the line with longtime girlfriend Lori (Mila Kunis (which is funny because she voices Meg on Family Guy). Now John has to make some tough decisions which may include kicking Ted out and starting on his own. Acting: (5/5) while its no argument the film belongs to our title character Ted (voiced by MacFarlane himself) and that voice is perfect, i mean nobody could do it like MacFarlane did. But the film is not complete without Mark Whalberg, the casting of him .. was honestly the textbook move. I feel these are Whalberg's best films ..is when he can be obnoxious and over the top crude and can drop the Fbomb when ever he wants. Needless to say hes funny when he needs to be, and he truly delivers some great one-liners here. Directing: (5/5) MacFarlane's first effort at a jump to the big screen was a major success in my book, bringing to life a great character sure to sell to millions of audiences. He put time and effort into this wonderful picture and you can tell. Although at points the movie gets serious and its hard to take it that way, by Seth wrote the film in a way where you could appreciate that sensitive side the film has.

Overall: (5/5) MacFarlane in his Directorial Debut and bringing that Family Guy-esq humor. Ted is the best comedy to come along in a while. With the impeccable casting of Whalberg & the Raunchy humor that truly never gets old..oh and its really really really funny. For me..rating a comedy film is the hardest, because there are different viewpoints you have to look at. This had everything. Words can barley describe, i had to hold myself from falling out of my chair, because i was laughing that hard. The last Comedy i gave 5 stars was Hot Tub Time Machine and that movie deserved it..as does Ted. For one giving a comedy a 5 star for me, truly shows how real and genuine this film is. Audiences members should know how great and outstanding this movie is. How funny it is, the running gags, the liners, the jokes. All poking fun from Justin Bieber, Katy Perry & Taylor Lautner. The film is never afraid to drop even the most crude jokes, (there were two ones about 9/11 - and although it may seem bad, you can't help but just laugh). Then (if you have seen the trailer then you know). There is a fight scene between John and Ted ..and i gotta say..my whole body and upper torso hurts from laughing so hard, this is as good as comedy gets and this film truly sets a new standerd and bar much like Hot Tub Time Machine did 3 years ago. R rated comedies will probably never be the same, and i can honestly say this will be considered a classic one day, and i can truly say also ..I love this movie.





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