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We are introduced to this violent world through the eyes of Jin Kazama, a street fighter that enters the tournament in order to avenge the death of his mother that he blames upon Tekken's powerful and controlling Chairman, Heihachi Mishima. He knows that the only way to get close enough to Mishima to kill him is to win the tournament. With the help of Lucas, an ageing Iron Fist Champion and fight trainer, Jin makes his way through the tournament, but in doing so, he begins to uncover his own past and inner demons as well as exposing a dark underbelly to Tekken that threatens the very existence of humanity.

With futuristic and imaginative sets, a compelling story, and fight sequences combining fighting styles from all over the world. TEKKEN is in line to become one of the greatest action films of all time.

Tekken News
Tekken: Rise of the Tournament Prequel in Development
Ong Bak director Prachya Pinkaew is on board for this new project, which will feature actors who look like the video game characters.
EXCLUSIVE: Dwight H. Little Talks Tekken
The director of this video game adaptation talks about finding the right actors to fit these classic characters, filming in Louisiana, and more.
CONTEST: Win Tekken on Blu-ray
John Foo, Ian Anthony Dale, and Lateef Crowder star in Dwight H. Little's adaptation of the popular fighting video game.
Tekken Blu-ray and DVD Arrive July 19th
John Foo, Kelly Overton, Ian Anthony Dale, and Lateef Crowder star in this adaptation of the popular video game.
Tekken Acquired by Anchor Bay Films
Dwight H. Little's action-packed adaptation of the popular Capcom video game will arrive in theaters early next year.
Brand New Tekken Images and Behind-the-Scenes Video
Take a look at our new photo gallery and a stunt training video also.
Watch the First Trailer for Tekken!
Take a look at this new action-packed Dwight H. Little film.
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