Terminator Salvation Review

“I Didn't Earn It Yet...”

May 23rd, 2009

Lemme first say that even though this movie is pretty much a slap in the face of skynet and how advanced it "should" be and a slap in the face for fans, it was worth watching. But, i would not tell anyone to run out and see it.

I'll start with the problems, and there is a bunch

Lets just start with this. Apparently, just being a human doesnt make you a part of the resistance. Cuz you know, what is humanity really without a caste system. ARE YOU KIDDING ME OR JUST TICKLING MY BALLS!!! How isnt every human the resistance. There gonna kill everyone anyway!?


Skynet. The most superior, tactical, militant supercomputer to ever be conceived of any kind of technological intervention miracle CANNOT FIND CHRISTIAN BALE!!!! I dont get it. Hes talking on radios, leading assaults on skynet hot spots and having open heart surgery outside in the middle of the day and this monster of CPU might can't pinpoint him at all? REALLY?!

So, skynet has to make a human/robot guy and hopes he finds John Connor. Lucky for skynet, though he Marcus Wright who is the humanbot finds John and Kyle Reese BOTH!!! Skynet eventually has both of them in the base where the T-800's are being made and you know what, THEY BOTH ESCAPE! At least 3 times in the movie we see a robots view of people and they all identify Kyle Reese and they don't kill him they capture him. Thats all. Then John strolls into skynet to save him and the govenator bursts out of his refrigerator and fights John Connor. Now we all know what should happen when anyone fights any terminator 1 on 1, hand to had. The name says it all, you get terminated. Not John. The Arnoldbot, after losing all its skin to 3 grenade shots, kinda WWF's Connor throwing him around but never killing him or Kyle while both of them are right in front of him. Process that for a sec.

Efficient super killing military computer, responsible of eliminating more than half of the worlds population and efficient at hunting down and killing any sentient life at all ever, has the 2 guys that are supposed to defeat it inside its own base with its most unstoppable version of a terminator out and about and they both escape after coming face to face with the T-800. Dumb.

Now Marcus Wright. I don't wanna delve to deep on him because his whole thing makes me mad because its so stupid I almost screamed in the theater. Basically half human half bot, doesn't know WTF is going on and finds the most crucial people for humanity ever and apparently skynet planned all this?!?!?! Skynet planned on letting him crawl out of a nuclear blast site and walk hundreds of miles to LA and find 2 people in LA then find John. Kyle Reese and some little girl are the ONLY 2 people in LA for the resistance? I don't even know how to describe how far fetched that seems. So now the movie goes on. Marcus find out hes isn't 100% human. Kinda don't know how he doesn't start realizing it earlier. Not hungry ever, takes hits like a champ, even falling off of a skynet prisoner transport ship and living doesn't tip him off. But, im sure hitting a river at about 100 miles an hour headfirst without any spinal injuries wouldn't give anything away???

Did I mention skynet planned on him finding John outta nowhere??? So he does, and they all pretty much walk into skynet. And nice skynet fixes Marcus all up and gives him new fresh smelling skin and a nice V neck. Then skynet in typical BS movie fashion breaks down everything that's going on in this horrible script. And Marcus basically tells skynet to go kick stones. He then proceeds to pull the computer chip that apparently skynet uses to monitor/control him with out of his head and helps John fight the Kindergarten-copbot. Now about 10 min before all this crazyness (movie time) Marcus syncs up with skynet. HE IS A ROBOT, SKYNET CAN SHUT HIM DOWN WHENEVER!!! He should never have been able to help John and Kyle escape.

John fights the terminator and almost dies only to have Marcus forfeit his human heart for john so John Connor lives to fight another day. END

There is a small love story between Marcustron and Blair but its so stupid that i didn't want to waste my time or yours with it. I let a comedian take care of it.

Now the good :)

Things blew up real cool

Seeing Arnold was very cool and glad it happened

Terminators are badass no matter how bad the movies is

thats all.

This movie was fun to watch until you start thinking about how unrealistic it was. I can buy robot killing machines taking over the world, humans living after a nuclear fallout, and even a naive asian lady falling in love with a robot, commiting treason, and risking her and her friends life only hours after knowing him. I'll buy it McG, i will. But as a whole package to try and take down, I cant do it.

I'm actually more mad at James Cameron for not taking up the reigns on this. He could have saved his franchise but he didn't

Oh well


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  • insertusernamehere • 6 years ago

    I disagree, but funny (and good) review nonetheless

    James Cameron couldn't do it because he was too busy making Avatar. I doubt he would have come back, anyway, and I was perfectly content with McG's version.


    • newkill200 • 6 years ago

      This review absolutely suck. It's not even a review. It's just a bitchfest.


      • chad-vital • 6 years ago

        I like it. I like the nicknames too lol. Marcustron haha.


        • jekku • 6 years ago

          I enjoyed it and I would like Cameron to come back but that ain't gonna happen. So, I'm looking forward to McG's next two films. w00t.


          • leng-tche • 6 years ago

            Very funny. Either way, every movie is fun to watch until you start thinking of how unrealistic it is. Which I guess has to do with your suspension of disbelief, and how quick that alarm gets set off. But seriously dude, if your alarm didn't go off with "why doesn't skynet just go back in time and kill sarah conners" then who cares. Just gotta have fun with it i guess. To each is own though, can't hate ya for hating, at least you made some valid points.


            • revilolee • 7 years ago

              Great review. It about sums up what I thought of the film.


              • velvetvirus • 7 years ago

                well it is 2018 in the movie, so the real fighting hasn't happened yet, not until 2029, but remember, they altered the future in T2 so things will change. There's gonna be back stories like Wright's in the next installments. This one i agree could of had some improvements over the plot, but the action was great. Just wait til it moves on and they discover the time traveling and then they start to use laser guns and what not, like from T2.. we'll have to wait and find out in T5.


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