Texas Chainsaw 3D Review

“While It Goes Against My Better Judgement, Texas Chainsaw 3D Is One Giant Cliche, It Falls Into Every Horror Category Imaginable And Brings Nothing New To The Table. That Being Said If You Actually Sit Back And Relax You Might Actually Enjoy This Romp.”

January 4th, 2013

Did the world need another Texas Chainsaw Massacre? of course not!, slap some 3D into the mix, put no effort into writing a new script or any authentic memorable kills your going to be talking about. It lacks the originality that even made Micheal Bay's remake worth seeing. That being said there has not been an actual fun horror movie to go see at the movies since Sinister. Its been quite a while. The crew made good use of the 3D effects so in that department it was fine. But your going to be sitting in your chair yelling at the dumb blonde that is opening that door or that stupid cop snooping his nose where he shouldn't be. But the plus side to all this, i had a really fun and enjoyable time watching this movie, despite how completely awful it really was. If your looking for the next cabin in the woods look no further. But if your looking for a typical cliched horror film, with sex, drugs & grisly killings all in stunning 3D? well i think i may found your romp. It adds nothing new to the table, the writers barley tweaked the script at all. Other than some minor instances towards the end of the film i really was not impressed. However the 3D effects were pretty decent and i actually had to lean my head back a couple times because that chainsaw was right in my face. There are a few moments you may jump at, because i did. If your devoted horror fan like me and will sit through and watch a bad slasher film because you simply love the genre, see this movie. Because personally am i sucker for a bad action movie.

Story: (3/5) - So let me put this in laments terms. The film opens back in the 80s when Jed (the original Texas Chainsaw) has been going on a killing spree and thanks to a group of hillbillies they burn down the sawyer house to the ground. The story centers on Heather, who discovers that she was adopted after learning of an inheritance from a long lost grandmother. She subsequently takes a road trip with her friends to collect the inheritance, unaware that it includes her cousin, Leatherface, as well. My main quarrel with this new installment is where is the originality in the deaths?. Usually when you see a slasher movie the thing you most distinctly remember is the on screen deaths of the hottie babe or the decapitation of that jock. But i suppose it is harder and harder these days to come up with some authentic deaths, but i doubt your going to be talking about this movie for oh more than a week. Acting: (2/5) - Honestly some of the worst acting in years. But is a horror movie so it gets some kind of pass. Fun Fact: Trey Songz makes his acting debut and well.....he should stick to singing. Directing: (2/5) - John Luessenhop takes on the iconic Leatherface with no integrity or style. His last movie Takers was not half bad and well this? ehh with the exception with his use of 3D nothing special to report on his part.

Overall: (3/5) -While it goes against my better judgement, Texas Chainsaw 3D is one giant cliche, it falls into every horror category imaginable and brings nothing new to the table. That being said if you actually sit back and relax you might actually enjoy this romp. You have to go into this movie with little to no expectations. Because if you are expecting anything as pure and exciting as its predecessors. I suggest you take your hard-earn dollar somewhere else. But if you go into this movie just to have fun with your friends, not expecting much of anything and just let all your worries go away well then Texas Chainsaw 3D is quite possibly the movie of choice for you to see this weekend. I'm eager to see how audience react to this, i'm sure they will welcome it with open arms, i highly doubt its worth much. But i begin to wonder if i should feel ashamed for actually enjoying this movie?. Whatever the case, its probably only worth one viewing. While i may catch again on DVD or at my local redbox. Nothing really is special about this take on Leatherface. Other than he is a chainsaw wielding maniac killing people that honestly deserve to be killed, because if your making these type of decisions, please just die already and get it over with so the rest of us can enjoy the movie? please.





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