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"It's Definitely Not "Amazing" In Anyway, Borrowing Much Of Its Major Plot Points From Sam Rami's Version Also Suffering From A Mediocre Villain. Garfield Was A Good Fit For The Role. But The Film Ultimately Just Does Not Compare To Past Spidey Adventures"

Its been only 11 years since Sam Rami's 2001 hit "Spider Man" hit theaters and paved way for the new era of superhero films. That was followed up buy (arguably one of the best sequels of the decade) "Spider Man 2" and then in 2007 (only a mere 5 years ago) "Spider Man 3" broke Box Office Records. Now when i would think we would we be discussing and reviewing Sam Rami's Spider Man 4, were instead talking about a completely different story and basically a reboot or remake. Replacing Maguire and adding Andrew Garfield was probably the only good thing i could really protest about the film. Although i still see Spider Man as being Toby Maguire's character. Andrew was a good fit. But the film follows way to much in the shadow of Sam Rami's beloved version. My biggest problem of all was the death scene of Uncle Ben, In Spider Man when it happened it felt genuine heartfelt and i wanted to cry, When Ben cries out one last time for Peter. In this?...well needless to say it was dreadful and awful, the scene felt really rushed and uninspired and that is when the film in general started to lose my attention. My next dilemma i had with the film, is the presence of an actual villain... I mean the Lizard? come on!. There was no other better more capable villain..worthy of taking on the mask crusader. Apparently not. Its clear now that director Marc Webb was in way over his head while directing this film, instead focusing on the relationship between Peter and Gwen and his Aunt and Uncle rather than the fight sequences audiences are paying for..we know the story. With a few minor exceptions The Amazing Spider-Man was all to the same and was truly not needed.

Story: (3/5) - This film being advertised as the untold story, Is stretching the truth a little. I mean take away the Green Goblin and Mary Jane, pretty much this film is identical. Although it adds the fact that Peter Parker is a skater and the idea of how he discovered his powers (this time on a train). While Audiences are completely familiar with the Gwen Stacy love story (she did appear in Spider-Man 3). That really gets highlighted on here. It also leaves out Norman Osborne and Harry. This film Peter really did not have a best friend to rely on and talk with. Acting: (4/5) - the performances were probably the best thing about the film..other than some minor instances (Stan Lee's Cameo). But Andrew Garfield (Social Network) truly shows off his acting chops here. While Emma Stone is always beautiful and fits the character as well, if there is one thing, the team behind Amazing Spider-Man should be thrilled the casting. Directing: (2.5/5) - Marc Webb's last film was the romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer. That movie was fantastic. He truly shows how much 'love' is in this movie choosing to focus more in-depth on the relationships between Aunt and Uncle and Peter and Gwen. While those scenes are shot fairly well, the action sequences were kind of bland. Visuals (4/5) - i opted for the 3D version of this film, because the trailer had done a good job at persuading me while its not perfect. Its still did a terrific job using the 3D to its advantage.

Overall (2.5/5) - It's definitely not "Amazing" in anyway, borrowing much of its major plot points from Sam Rami's version also suffering from a mediocre Villain. Garfield was a good fit for the role. But the film ultimately just does not compare to past spidey adventures. Im sorry for all those Spider-Man fans out there who were hoping for the next best thing, sadly the film fails to equip any memorable qualities that we loved so much about the original. But i do have hopes for the future in this spidey franchise, after a brief scene in the credits. I believe the sequel will fare much better, because it won't touch as much on the relationship aspect, but more on the action and story-telling aspect, and just in fact maybe have a Villain worthy to grace the screen with our web-hero. Some of the story's aspect work like the back story to Peter's parents, but even those little things still felt to much of all the same and Green Goblin (in my opinion) was a way better opponent to our hero, than some dumb Lizard. Even Doc OC was a better foe than Lizard. If the film had a more reliable and fun Villain i may be writing a different review. So as it stands to reason i did not really care for this version of our web hero, but lets hope in the future of this new franchise that we can get a story worth telling on the big screen.





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