The Avengers


John Steed (Fiennes) has been called by The Ministry (Britain's ultra-top-secret secret agency) to investigate some very strange goings-on in Her Majesty's kingdom. The weather seems out of control, foul, deadly - even for England. Freak snowstorms, hail of Old Testament proportions, temperatures wildly fluctuating from blast furnace to arctic. Someone is out to control the weather, literally, and bring the country and the world to its knees. Who could master such a plan, such a brilliant and demonic attempt to extort the riches of nations in return for a temperate day? All bets are on Sir August De Wynter (Connery), former Ministry man, very rich, very odd, entirely too smart.

Preparing to fight fire (or snow or hail) with fire, Steed is paired with the unflappable Mrs. Emma Peel (Thurman), a master of jujitsu, a doctor in meteorological science and a body made for haute couture. Steed and Peel, with martini-dry wit and icy sexiness, are here for a new age of cool.

Giant ‘Iron Man’ Spoiler Video Awaits Those Who Enter Here!

If you are going to see "Iron Man" this weekend, you might not want to read this. Just skip it, and know to wait through the credit sequence!

In the footage, Tony Stark arrives at his apartment to find Sam Jackson waiting for him. He asks, "Who the hell are you?" Fury answers, "I'm Nick Fury, with S.H.I.E.D. You're not the only super hero, you know? I'm here to talk to you about...The Avengers!" And with that, we cut to the Marvel Films logo.

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