The Belly of the Beast (2007)

    Release Date
    Corbin Timbrook
    Jim Fitzpatrick, David Gail, Jodi Knotts, John Castellanos, Aubrey Cheek, Tom Nowicki

    The Belly of the Beast Synopsis

    Over 2000 years ago, the 12 Apostles of Christ were warned that one day Satan would retaliate against God, for casting he and his Angels into hell, so the Apostles each made a special Dagger to kill each of Satan's 12 equivalent Demons, he has unleashed to re-stake his claim. That day has come, as was written in the Books of Revelations. However, direct-Blood-line Descendants of the Apostles, called the 'Alpha Disciples', have collected the Daggers passed-down through time, and come together to take-on Satan's deadly Cult of Gothic Demons, before ALL of hell's demons are released upon the earth. Written by Julienne Ford (PacAtlanticPR)

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