The Black Hole


The Black Hole Synopsis

Joseph Kosinski and Sean Bailey, the director and producer of Disney's upcoming "Tron Legacy," and screenwriter Travis Beacham are teaming up for a reinvention of the 1979 sci-fi film "The Black Hole."

In the original, the explorer craft U.S.S. Palomino is returning to Earth after a fruitless 18-month search for extra-terrestrial life when the crew comes upon a supposedly lost ship, the magnificent U.S.S. Cygnus, hovering near a black hole. The ship is controlled by Dr. Hans Reinhardt and his monstrous robot companion, Maximillian. But the initial wonderment and awe the Palomino crew feel for the ship and its resistance to the power of the black hole turn to horror as they uncover Reinhardt's plans, which involve turning his former crew into robots and flying through the hole. As they try to escape, a meteorite shower damages the ship, and the survivors hang on as they are plunged into the most powerful force in the universe, heading toward the blinding light that holds whatever eternity awaits them.

The details of the update are being kept secret, though the take does involve grounding the story in the science of a black hole, much more so than in the original. The 1979 film was a loose retelling of Disney's "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"!

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