The Book of Eli Review

“The Book Of Eli - Rifa Review”

February 15th, 2010

Okay so ... this is my first real review in 2010.

I went to my local theater to see this because I'm a big fan of Denzel Washington. I recently done my rankings based on some important points for a movie to be great like the storyline, the acting in general, the directing and art direction, the cinematography used in the movie and the score or the music chosen to fill the blanks in a movie. I'll continue doing that kind of reviewing but not just fill ranks but also comment on each aspect. So here it is... the first for Book of Eli.

The storyline is pretty much interesting. It covers the basic line of "good religion vs. bad religion", or should I say better... religion as fate and weapon. The story is about a black guy named Eli, which we don't know very much at the beginning and may I say neither at the end except for the fact that he dies (LOL), that found an old book, the last of it's type, A Bible. He somehow gets some higher guidance to travel across the land and take the book to the west were good people will know how to make it useful for the people. His nemesis is an pretty old white self-installed ruler over a little town built by him entirely which knows the power of the words that hide in the bible. Here on, a competition between these two guys, some fight scenes very good executed, chases and we can't jump over the fact that we still have great good-looking women in action movies like Mila Kunis. So nice! What I loved is the approach that the movie took on the bible like... it's part good thing part bad thing. It can be used to cure but also to manipulate and destroy, and it's pretty much what I think of the bible, that first it was made to built a world around it, after that, greedy people take it, change it, and made it perfectly to manipulate the masses which these days are pretty much dumber than ever in the meanings of religion and faith.

The acting overall was quite good. Denzel does his usual stuff (he dies again), same cinematographic takings of him entering the city, slow-walking and all that old-denzel stuff, but what was new about him were the fight scenes where he did it in a Steven Segal way. Sort of... Anyway I liked very much Gary Oldman... such a difference from Gordon no?... So yea... acting wasn't bad even for Mila Kunis... she managed it pretty good.

The directing was good but the cinematography disappoint. I mean you got these scenes in the boat where the movie looks shitty like some 60's. And there were alot of things like this where cinematography looked pretty bad which made me say a big "Hell Naw". The score/music was pretty dope but the worst thing about the movie behind the awful cinematography at times it's simply the ending which was something like WTF?... I mean common man I've watched an hour and half this movie to have this shitty ending?.... He got shot he walks like 1 billion miles on foot he takes on the boat half way the distance to the shore he has nothing, he translates and delivers from his memory all the bible and RIGHT after THAT he dies like that? I mean... you know... I know Denzel it's supposed to die in very movie but... not like that man...

Anyway the movie was pretty okay I guess....and my final rankings are...

Storyline: 7,5/10.

Acting: 8/10.

Art Direction: 8/10.

Cinematography: 6/10.

Score: 8/10.


Overall: 7,5


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  • ed-wood • 6 years ago

    Use a spoiler alert for your reviews. Thankfully I had seen the movie before I read this review.


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