The Bourne Legacy Review

"Essentially Plotless Disappointment"

This was a huge, essentially plotless disappointment: zero intrigue, zero character/relationship development, zero point, very little suspense, and empty dialogue. Renner and Weisz carried the entire thing, but outside of liking them I cared little or nothing for the "characters" or the "story."

What made Jason Bourne so compelling was that he was completely lost and there were strangers trying to kill him - a double nightmare loaded with action, mystery, and suspense. Further, we cared about him not only because his situation was scary and he was frightened, but because he was also repenting and struggling with what he was and did while brain washed at Treadstone. Aaron Cross and Dr. Shearing however are two characters of little interest simply running for their lives from the government they were working for. Aaron Cross in fact, as per a scene with Ed Norton, could be considered a ready and willing villain! He's not trying to get his life back, or get out of the business, or clear his conscience, he's just a killer that wants to stay smart (remain on enhancement meds) and not get killed. There's nothing to figure out, no ending to arrive at, and therefore nothing to follow, connect to, or really care about.

This movie was total bore that simply rode on its loose association to the far superior Bourne Trilogy.

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