The Bourne Legacy Review

“Its Hard To Bite Into, Its Hard To Digest, It Feels Wrong In Our System, Its Neither Nice To Look At Or Smells Good, Whilst Cooking Up And Rising In The Oven (publicity-teasers-) Neither Looking Appeasing But Crucially It Could Result In Being Bad!”

August 14th, 2012

No, it's just a no to this. Renner is flawless to a degree that either, this film is so utterly cluelessly dull and referentially terrible that allows him too shine or he actually has his acting chops down to par with everyone else. But the thing is Gilroy neither has grandeur directing skills nor does it show the skill to craft something meagrely substantial or intriguing. There is more to it than this- oh yes its just an even darker secret- they are genetically engineered super soldiers- sharp astute senses, great skill, muscled strength built upon. Blah, I would have loved to get an intricate muddling fusion of twists- instead a fusion of confusing, and when made logical dire predictable tosh. This year three films have had both mine and @stoned's feet pitter patter out of the screen, striding the foyer and then to shatter all the glass in the cinemas window frames with shrill utter contempt for studio incontinences. Though our viewings are free- they shouldn't be viewed. This tops as possibly the worst- not as insufficient as The Lorax, loud, callous, boring, child brained bright inconsequential episodic garbage. Half blinded by Abe Likes To Kill Vampires-Coln. Then there is loud nostalgic unarmed brutality to ego and status with Shankmans art décor fantasia on acid trip unfulfilled un- tangible Rock Of Ages. Now this! Bourne has his name strained to the point that they find this suited to justify its mean. Cutting and pasting parts from Ultimatum, cheating, giving us a fuel in the trailer that previous actors may return to reprise, the camera lingers on Matt Damon. Both to aggravate- duly to Gilroys dislike for Damon, after a suffice to say possibly accurate equal and statement of his talents- both also to allow our brains to long for the nityy gritty realistic damned action packed, on the go Greengrass thrills. This film is fuller with torridly cut sequences, tiresome unimaginative fades, shockingly abrupt visuals, no linear but that Aaron Cross (J. Renner) is vastly becoming addicted to the all consuming pills that equal his masculinity with his brain, hitching up predictably with Weis's doctor.

The introduction- the logo- the spiralling circling logo of UNIVERSAL- the mixture of Powell's score, undeterred with jarring menace and off beat temps, then the revelation of a mimicry of Bourne Identity's opening- is that Damon? No it's a freeze framed till it resumes Renner swimming to collect a tubular object.

The films objective is to gross, to create a film series, spin off or not this could have been named Legacy- minus Bourne attributes and still have been as bland as great grandma's burnt bread.

Its hard to bite into, its hard to digest, it feels wrong in our system, its neither nice to look at or smells good, whilst cooking up and rising in the oven (publicity-teasers-online gossiping) neither looking appeasing but crucially it could result nice, then when its baked the final conclusion, run motherfuckers run.


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