The Brothers Grimm


A dark fantasy about the two "Brothers Grimm" (Ledger and Damon) who travel around the Napoleonic countryside vanquishing fake monsters and demons in exchange for cash. When the French government figures out what they're up to, they force the brothers to deal with the real thing -- a number of murders being committed under mysterious circumstances in the northern woods between Germany and France. It is there that they have to try and discover what's really happening and deal with it before more people are killed or their lack of success leads to the guillotine.

Lena Headey Creates Her Own Fairy Tale in ‘The Brothers Grimm’ & Sinks to the Bottom of the Ocean in ‘The Cave’

She stars in The Brothers Grimm as a villager who helps Matt Damon and Heath Ledger stop the evil queen from killing all the little girls. In The Cave, she's part of a diving team sent over to Romania to search an ancient cave.

How did you like playing the kick-ass chick?

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Matt Damon and Heath Ledger Become ‘The Brothers Grimm’!

Matt Damon has done the action star with Bourne Identity and Supremecy. And so he decided to take it easy for The Brothers Grimm - a sweet fairy tale movie. Yeah right - think again. The Brothers Grimm is filled with action, and sprinkled in there are some really funny laughs.

Matt plays Will Grimm and his brother, Jacob, is played by Heath Ledger.

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Your first look at the new ‘Ice Age 2’, ‘Walk the Line’, ‘In Her Shoes’ and ‘Brothers Grimm’ Posters

20th Century Fox has provided MovieWeb with your first look at the first teaser one-sheets for the upcoming animated sequel, "Ice Ages 2: Meltdown", the Johnny Cash biopic Walk the Line starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, and the upcoming Cameron Diaz romantic comedy, In Her Shoes.

In addition, we've also got 5 new posters from the upcoming Terry Gilliam spookfest, The Brothers Grimm, starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger.

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‘The Brothers Grimm’ Trailer Goes Online

Movie PictureDimension Films have unveiled the first trailer for director Terry Gilliam's latest film, The Brothers Grimm, which hits theaters August 26.

Starring Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm, the legendary brothers who gave us our favorite fairy tales. The film follows them on an enchanted adventure set in a world of heroes and villains, witches and trolls, undying evil and true love, - a realm the two storytellers thought was just make believe... until it came into their world to get them. Now the Brothers Grimm are about to confront all that their imaginations brought to life, as they are caught up in an epic battle between fantasy and reality.

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New Posters from ‘Brothers Grimm’, ‘Four Brothers’ and ‘The Fantastic Four’

BlackFilm have unleashed the first, and possibly final poster for The Brothers Grimm, starring Matt Damon, Heath Ledger, Jonathan Pryce and Monica Bellucci.

CLICK HERE for a high-res version.

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Matt Damon talks production on ‘Brothers Grimm’ and ‘Bourne Supremacy’

Brothers Grimm and The Bourne Supremacy:USA Today visited Matt Damon on the set of of the upcoming dark fantasy Brothers Grimm last year in Prague. In the interview Damon talked about the current proiduction in the city on the film as well as the proposed filming of the The Bourne Identity sequel in the location...

It's 11 a.m., and Damon has been on the set since 7, but his mood is upbeat and he jokes with the crew during the takes. The scene is simple and brief, but it takes time to get just right.

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Loads of new photos from the set of BROTHERS GRIMM online

Brothers Grimm:The Z Review have gotten a hold of a new batch of photos from the set of the upcoming Matt Damon / Heath Ledger film, Brothers Grimm.

CLICK HERE to take a look!

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Director Terry Gilliam talks BROTHERS GRIMM!

The film stars Matt Damon and Heath Ledger as the eponymous brothers, who are con men travelling around 18th century Europe and pretending to rid villages of mythical beasties. Their bluff is called, however, when Napoleon orders them to a forest actually plagued by enchanted creatures. So how did Matt and Heath handle it?

There is, however, one question on everyone's lips for Gilliam, and that concerns his lost film, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote. No one who has seen Lost in La Mancha, the story of its abortive production, could fail to care about the fate of what looked suspiciously like the perfect Gilliam film. So is there any hope that it could rise from the grave?

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