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"The Brothers Solomon" tells the hilarious story of Dean and John Solomon (Forte and Arnett), two good-hearted but romantically-challenged brothers. When they find out their dying father's last wish is for a grandchild, the brothers set out to find someone to have a baby with. But after spending their formative years being home schooled by their father in a remote arctic location, their social skills prove to be somewhat lacking and their attempts at fatherhood go hysterically and disastrously wrong.

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The Brothers Solomon Has Some Laughs on DVD December 26
The cost of this DVD will be $26.96.
Watch 6 Clips, 6 Interviews and 6 Behind-the-Scenes Clips from The Brothers Solomon!
We've got your peek inside the new comedy!
On SET: Laughing It Up on the Set of the Brothers Solomon
Bob Odenkirk, Will Arnett and Will Forte create comedy gold on the set of their new movie.
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