The Cabin in the Woods Review

“The Cabin In The Woods Is Predictable And Contrived, Yet It's Still Fun And Entertaining All At The Same Time. It's Not Worth All The Hype It's Receiving, But It's Still Worth A One-time Watch.”

April 16th, 2012

To be honest, the hype of The Cabin in the Woods doesn't nearly live up to my expectations. Was it a fun movie? The film does have its fair share of moments that I enjoyed immensely, but in the end this was definitely a tad bit overrated. I'm seeing all these reviews on the internet that, if I say so myself, are exaggerating far too much with something oh so little. The concept of the film is without any doubt a breath of fresh air and we can all be thankful for that, but there are just a few small things from Cabin in the Woods that show that this only an average film, not a great one.

The Cabin in the Woods is a thrilling ride into the depths of all things terrible. Think of any possible terror you can and mesh it all together into something wicked. This is exactly what The Cabin in the Woods does and in a way it is done cleverly. My problems with the film are in no way shape or form a complaint on the film's overall story but with things much deeper into the rhythm of things. We'll get to that later though.

What I did enjoy from The Cabin in the Woods is how much of a perfect satire it is. I've heard from a couple of my friends that if I understand the fact that this was a satire I would love this movie a lot more than I did. While I do understand that this is supposed to be a goofy horror story, a lot of the idiotic natures of the film still bothered me. I did like the set-up of the film, however. You've got your typical group of friends you'd see in any typical horror film. The virgin, the athlete, the slut, the stoner, and that other guy no one can seem to understand why he fits into the picture. These characters's fit that typical cliché that The Cabin in the Woods serves us on purpose and they bring us into a completely different setting. The tagline of the film, "You think you know the story. You think you know place" fits beautifully because it exemplifies the satire Cabin truly is.

The film is horrific, brutal, and gory. This is a major plus that comes from the film. Without any of this I probably wouldn't have had as much fun as I did with the film. The problems I had were the obvious ones. The Cabin in the Woods is predictable, contrived, and never gets to the point up until its final act. While the final act may be one hell of a gruesome ride, the last eight minutes or so of the film are the most annoying I've ever mentioned in any film. These last eight minutes try to throw us at an annoying plot twist, a pointless cameo by a star that belongs nowhere in this movie, and a conclusion I'll never forget because I hated it so much. If these last eight minutes had more thought Cabin would've easily been a 4/5 star film for me. Unfortunately, the ending not only forced me to hate characters that I was rooting for but it also caused a downgrade in the film's almost great outcome.

By no means should some of these small errors in the film keep one away. The Cabin in the Woods may not be the great film I was expecting from all the forced hype, but it was still an enjoyable film that killed an hour and a half. If this review didn't go too into depth of the film I apologize because like many are saying this is a difficult film to review without throwing out any spoilers. All I can say is that the performances are good (especially from Richard Jenkins and Bradley Whitford) and the gore keeps the fun coming. Other than that, this is just a film I'll need to be reminded of by the time the year concludes. Not worth the hype at all.

Thanks for the read!

-Written by Corey Wood


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