The Chronicles of Riddick


Vin Diesel reprises his star-making "Pitch Black" role of enigmatic anti- hero Richard B. Riddick in the new science fiction action-adventure epic, "The Chronicles of Riddick". Riddick has spent the last five years on the move among the forgotten worlds on the outskirts of the galaxy, eluding mercenaries bent on collecting the price on his head. Now, the fugitive finds himself on planet Helion, home to a progressive multicultural society, which has been invaded by the Lord Marshal (Feore), a zealot who targets humans for subjugation with his army of warriors known as Necromongers. Exiled to a subterranean prison where extremes of temperature range from arctic nights to volcanic days, Riddick encounters Kyra (Davalos), the lone survivor from an earlier chapter in his life. His efforts to free himself and Kyra lead him to the Necromonger command ship, where he is pitted against the Lord Marshal in an apocalyptic battle with possibly the fate of all beings-both living and dead-hanging in the balance.

The Next Chapter in the ‘Chronicles of Riddick’ to Shoot in New Zealand

In an early post from last month, the action star also revealed that the new Riddick script was completed, and that the fifth installment of Fast & Furious is being written as well, and that he appreciates Universal's commitment to making it right.

At this time, the next chapter in The Chronicles of Riddick does not have a set start date.

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Vin Diesel Is Still Interested in ‘Riddick’ Sequels

Vin Diesel recently updated his Facebook profile with some new thoughts on future installments of the proposed The Chronicles of Riddick franchise. Though the last film arrived in 2004 with little fanfare and not much cult enthusiasm, that hasn't stopped the action maven from contemplating future adventures for his sci-fi hero. Here's what Vin had to say: The Riddick discussion is about rating now. Though Hollywood likes their PG Ratings, the next chapter in the COR series was always envisioned as an R rating, like Pitch Black. One Studio exec suggested doing both "The Underverse" and "The Furyan", (working titles) at the same time, allowing us an R rating for the first and a PG rating for the second. The good news- David Twohy's script comes in next month.

No sequel has been greenlit just yet. We will keep you informed as more information comes in.

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‘Pitch Black’ and ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ Bring the Action to Blu-ray on March 31st

You can finally experience Vin Diesel in his breakout character in high definition this March. Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick will both be available on Blu-ray for the first time on March 31. Each disc will be priced at $29.98 SRP and a two-pack with both films will also be available on that date for $59.98 SRP. The films follow the adventures of Richard B. Riddick, played by Vin Diesel.

A spacecraft carrying an assortment of passengers including Riddick (Vin Diesel), a dangerous, shackled murderer between prisons, is forced to make a crash landing on a barren, triple-sunned planet after the craft suffers severe damage during a meteor shower. The ship is ripped into pieces, killing several crew members and leaving meek officer Fry (Radha Mitchell) in charge of the survivors. After two unfortunate deaths, the survivors discover that the only visible life form on the planet is a species of light-fearing, carnivorous, occasionally cannibalistic aliens dwelling in caverns beneath the desert surface. Using a model of the planet and its suns in an abandoned research station, Fry deduces that she and her fellow travellers have unfortunately descended on the planet on the day of its first total eclipse in 22 years, giving them mere hours before they are bathed in total darkness. Only then is it safe for the hungry subterranean creatures to emerge, seeking to feed on the remaining survivors. However, the dangerous Riddick, through black market injections received in lock-up, is able to see in darkness- causing the surviving crew members to reluctantly remain dependent on the potentially harmful criminal. As the survivors are killed one by one by the hungry creatures, they realize that Riddick may be their only hope.

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David Twohy May Still Direct ‘Riddick’ Sequel

Okay, okay, now on to the really important stuff like "What the f**k is happening with RIDDICK?" Yes, I get your emails demanding another movie; yes, I keep bumping into you guys in airports and at conventions and I take your pleas to heart. All I can say now is "We're talking about it." The DVD numbers were really good - we know that, and some potential financiers know that. But if another movie surfaces, it probably won't be a Universal movie and probably will be an independent movie. Which means we'll have to make it for substantially less than the last installment. But that's okay. PITCH BLACK was $22 million all in. Maybe it's time to go back to our roots - as we go on to The UnderVerse.

Stay tuned for more news on this matter in the future.

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Vin Diesel Talks About Continuing the ‘Riddick’ Series

Today at the press day for Vin Diesel's new film, Find Me Guilty, the actor spilled the beans about the continuation of the Chronicles of Riddick series. When he was asked if he was going to make another film, he really hesitated and didn't answer anything.

You can see a different side of Vin in Find Me Guilty, the true story of Mobster Jackie DiNorscio, when it hits theaters on March 17th; it's rated R.

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Fox adds its pics to PSP roster

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‘Riddick’ runs with 1.5 million in day 1 sales

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Vin Diesel Talks about ‘The Chronicles of Riddick’ DVD!

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