The Cold Light of Day Review

“The Most Interesting Title With The Most Lukewarm After Effects”

September 14th, 2012

Decent in Immortals, pretty amazing in The Cold Light of Day, Henry Cavil has got me sold that he can pull off playing a cowardly, four-eyed dork and a red cape wearing bad ass.

Now, The Cold Light of Day, unlike it's catchy title, is a pretty forgettable movie, even though it's an original action flick. Bruce Willis plays a CIA agent, who was never really there for kids, much like the father from Possession. (Toss up for the worse father of the year two final contestants). Henry Cavil plays Willis' son as a business consultant who comes off as a workaholic, much like his father. Speaking of similarities, the chemistry between these two guys are awesome. You could actually buy that they could be father and son.

Bruce Willis was playing his role pretty role, probably to shine the light on the up and coming Cavil, who really took advantage of the light. Also, this could just be looked at as another Bruce Willis sleep walk role, like most of his movies right before he does his big stuff, for example, Hudson Hawk before The Last Boy Scout, Striking Distance before Pulp Fiction, Breakfast of Champions before The Sixth Sense. The Cold Light of Day is the warm up for Die Hard 5 and GI Joe 2. Sigourney Weaver plays a gun happy, crazed, sociopath, in short over the top, but in a good way. Every time she shows up the movie gets better and better, and every time she shows up I wish that they could CG erase her face wrinkles. Her and Meryl Streep are about the same age and Meryl looks ten years younger. I guess that what happens when your cloned 200 times to bring about a xenomorph army.

Henry Cavil, like a leading man should, stole the entire show. As far as I know, in action flicks, there has never been a protagonist as vulnerable as Cavil is, while still being an interesting character. He's a business consultant thrown into a threatening situation. No Bourne amnesia fighting skills. This guy is helpless and terrified. To quote Max Payne"It's Fear that gives men Wings", Cavil's 'wings' is just his will as a son and brother to find his family, who have been taken captive so that Willis can complete a mission. He also had a good sense of humor, which now pretty rare for leading men, today. I'm looking at you Sam Worthington.

The Cold Light of Day is typical action scenario with an original style of doing it. The director, who also made the cult hit JCVD, which I didn't enjoy, made a bit of improvement with this. I put my vote in for Academy Award for best cinematography for this movie. The capturing of the Spain is done so sharply perfect. I want to go there now. Should be cheap they'll be bankrupted pretty soon.

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