The Cold Light of Day Review

“The Ultraviolet Rays Are Well Below Zero That You Wish The Day Would Just End...”

August 23rd, 2012

Pre-Superman hasn't been bountiful for Cavill as we have hoped at this point in his growing career. Sure, he has been in various movies and the ever popular Tudors for a fruitful four seasons, but even so, there's great, good, decent, boring and plain crap. Where does this movie fall under? Boring with a stench.

Will Shaw (Cavill) goes to Madrid, Spain to spend some quality time with his family. He finds out that his small company goes bankrupt and his week in the reunion gets ruined. Little does he know, things get worse when people kidnap his family and murder his father, Martin (Willis).

I guess I should have written spoiler alert for Bruce Willis death in this movie, but what did you expect from the trailer? It was fairly obvious. He presence is clearly to sell seats while tying to sell Cavill to the public. The only one who does any real action at all besides the lead role is Sigourney Weaver. She is the one person that kept me watching all 90 minutes. She is mean, vicious, demented, cold hearted and lifeless. She doesn't save it but helps you finish it.

Mabrouk El Mechri only has another title under his belt where compared this movie, the former is the best work he's done. His selective angles and movement with the camera is useless and distracting . One would think he spent more time trying to work on something new behind the camera and forgot complete about the plot. There is a suitcase in question that two opposing parties want badly to acquire/retrive and Will Shaw along with a random woman who plays his bastard sister have to save themselves by taking on Weaver and her attitude of that of a female dog. The lighting is horrible, as much as I support natural lighting; nobody likes natural darkness. There are some continuity mistakes that even Summit Entertainment's crew should have been able to catch. Who in the world sent this out to the public without proper polishing?

Overall, Cavill no doubt walked away with a good sized deposit to his account long with Willis and Weaver. These two veterans should really reconsider some of their choices, especially Sigourney. Skip this if you can, and if you cannot, enjoy.

Written by: Bawnian©Dexeus.


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