The Company Men Review

“What's The Worse They Can Do....Fire Us??”

May 14th, 2011

The World has again fallen into the phase of depression and many economies have been facing recession and as a result many corporations have either shut down, formed mergers, openly accepted takeovers or have applied downsizing so that they can cut their costs. The company men talks about what it feels like to lose the job when downsizing takes place.

The one thing I liked about this movie was the fact that the movie focuses on households who have been affected by downsizing and what goes through them and how they manage their difficult times. GTX is a company that has not been able to facilitate its costs and as a result fired some of its employees.

The movie is John wells debut both as a director and writer and I must say that it wasn't bad as a start for John. I mean John was clever enough to pick up the issue most common today and look at it at a different angle. The company men was a very good attempt as far as his debut is concerned. The story was pretty much what the issues are being faced around the world and the way he took it with a different approach was good.

John was wise enough to take up a good cast. You have Ben Affeleck, Chris Cooper, Tommy lee Jones , Maria Bello and Kevin Costner along with others. Ben's performance has always been good but it can't be said to be his best. Tommy lee jones and chris cooper were also equally good and the supports with maria and kevin along with others equally patched up well. The overall performance was decent enough for a good drama. :)

Summing it up...People familiar with corporate injustices might want to give it a go and they'll pretty much like it and I am sorry for those viewers who have been with corporations and have experienced downsizing. This movie doesn't mean to offend them but it can still built hope in them. It's a good drama to start with this year. :)

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