The Counselor Review

“Great Director,great Cast But...?”

December 8th, 2013

It opens with sexy (even e little bit explicit dialogs) between Fassbender and Cruz follows with some warming up sexual activity. And then the characters introduce one by one.The plan.and bloody incident (headless motor biker).

And the Counselor found out that he already made the most fatal decision that he will regret for his entire life.

The whole about 1 hour and 50 minutes, i keep guessing where this movie will be going to.I just wondered how come a high respected counselor that can afford fly to Amsterdam just to buy an expensive wedding ring can jump into a very stupid decision.The answer is "greed".Think that he dig a very large amount of money just once and for good.

Greed for a better life is good but if you do it wrong way...that is not such thing on earth that can pay the consequences

But you don't have to make a confusing dialogs or plot to delivers this message.

And what is the motive that drives Malkina (Diaz) doing all those thing?Who is Malkina?Why a stripper can pull out a genius idea and execute it smoothly by using s tupid decision from the Counselor?

It's hard for me to believe that one of the most greatest filmmaker can bring out a movie.But this movie is not the worst.(the worst is Legend/grade 1)

2 things that save this movie from grade below 2,5. The actings and the deadly execution...cruel,cold and ruthless.

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