The Crow: Wicked Prayer


The story of ex-con Jimmy Cuervo (Furlong) and his girlfriend, Lily (Chriqui), who are murdered by Luc Crash (Boreanaz) and

EXCLUSIVE: Edward Furlong Talks ‘The Crow: Wicked Prayer’

Recently, Movieweb had the chance to engage in a one on one interview with the multitalented Edward Furlong. His new movie The Crow: Wicked Prayer is coming to DVD on July 19th, 2005. During this interview we talked about his role as Jimmy Cuervo in the new Crow film, his role as Danny Vinyard in American History X and we even discussed why he wasn't in that third movie with that Scwarzenegger guy. During this interview Furlong was honest, open and basically everything you'd expect from someone who has chosen to take a different road on his path to fame and fortune in Hollywood.

What was it like stepping into this role of Jimmy Cuervo? Did you go out of your way to make it yours? What's that like for you?

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‘The Crow: Wicked Prayer’ and ‘Hellraiser: Deader’ head straight to video

The Crow: Wicked Prayer: According to Bloody-Disgusting, the next installment of The Crow is apprently headed straight to video, alongside the likes of the next Hellraiser flick, Hellraiser: Deader...In a special DVD holiday issue of Variety, Dimension announced the next 'Crow' film as one of their direct-to-video DVDs for 2005, alongside Hellrasier: Hellworld/Deader and The Prophecy sequels. I guess the reports are true- the film is terrible, but you'll be able to judge for yourself sometime in 2005. Lance Munjia's film stars Edward Furlong, Tara Reid, David Borianaz, Dennis Hopper, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Marcus Chong, Tito Ortiz, Rena Owen, Danny Trejo and Macy Gray.

Hellraiser: Hellworld was released September 6th, 2005.

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A look at Edward Furlong in ‘The Crow: Wicked Prayer’

The Crow: Wicked Prayer: Temporarily on hold, no one really knows when The Crow: Wicked Prayer will street for audiences to see, but there are a few tidbits floating around the flick at the moment...

CLICK HERE for some storyboards from the project.

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Movie PictureThe Crow: Wicked Prayer: In a recent interview with, actor Danny Trejo talked briefly about his upcoming role in the 4th installment of The Crow...When will we see you act again?

Wicked Prayer?

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New life for THE CROW series yet

The Crow: Wicked Prayer was released August 16th, 2006.

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