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"People once believed that when you died, a crow took your soul to the land of the dead.....but sometimes, just sometimes, the crow could bring that soul back, to make the wrong things right..." Eric Draven and Shelly Websyter were engaged to be married on October 31.....they were brutally murdered the night before. A year later, the Crow brings Eric's soul back to seek vengeance and earn his eternal rest.

The Crow News
The Crow Creator James O'Barr Talks Remake PlansThe Crow Creator James O'Barr Talks Remake Plans
James O'Barr gives his blessing to The Crow, which he calls a re-adaptation of the original book. He also talks about the character's new look.
Stephen Norrington Updates The Crow Reboot Status
The director indicates that he's still attached to the project.
Producer Ryan Kavanaugh on The Crow Reboot
Get ready for a complete refashioning of this classic film.
The Crow Remake Picking Up Steam
The latest script from Stephen Norrington has been "very well-received" by the studio.
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