The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet


Upper Trollop, 1713. An illness takes hold of the villagers turning them into unfeeling creatures who eat anything they can get there hands on. Lord Fortitude must lead the small band of survivors and escape to France.

Judi Dench Takes ‘The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet’

Based on the short film E'gad, Zombies!, Judi Dench has joined the cast of co-writer-director Matthew Butler's The Curse of the Buxom Strumpet. She will star as Mrs. Halfpint opposite Ian McKellen and the movie's lead Gillian Anderson.

This period comedy is set in 1713, in the town of Upper Trollop, where a strange plague begins to turn the town's residents into flesh eating cannibals. Lord Fortitude must then lead the survivors in an escape to survive.

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